1. Tallie29

    Difference between these two series

    Hi everyone~ I wanted to know if anyone could tell me the difference between the 'Century of Dreams' and the 'Countdown to the millennium 2000' pins? I think Century is from Japan but is there anyway to tell them apart? Please and thank you!
  2. C

    Error Pin help!

    I bought a pin at Disney World Florida with an error! It the Star Wars ”get caught in the tractor beat” pin but has been printed completely upside down. Can anyone tell me if it’s worth anything? Thanks!
  3. S

    Updated Skeleton Dance pin board

    I finally had the time to re organize my Skeleton Dance pin board. I also got the Skeleton Dance grail, I never thought I'd find it let all have it in my collection. Working on Lonesome Ghost pin finds. Still have a few to find! This pin board was made by my mom and dad for Christmas a few...
  4. Tallie29

    Help Identify Brother Bear cluster pin

    Hi I thought I could ask to help identify this Brother Bear pin I want to trade for. I've compared it to the pictures on the but I thought I might get a second opinion. Thank you :)
  5. B

    Error Pins

    Hiya, New to Disney pin collecting and sorry if this has been asked before Today I brought the 'Classics Walt Disney Collection'- The one in the blue box with 5 pins commemorating the fifth anniversary of the Walt Disney Classics Collection. I noticed that the trowel and the treble clef have...
  6. LiamCarr2002

    Information on this pin?

    Hi all, Was just going through some of my collection and found one that I have no information about whatsoever. Would anyone have any info or guesses as to what it could be? Many thanks,
  7. itsFantasmic

    Sold/Ended: March Disney Wisdom - Baloo Pin Set

    Selling the March Disney Wisdom pin set for $30 + $4 shipping! (not my picture, but PM for picture of pins)
  8. PinPuff

    Wanted: Pin Bag / Binder

    Looking for any size pin bag or binder! Preferably larger rather than smaller, and official "licensed" Disney. The eBay prices are crazy and are not far off from the park prices, so I figured I'd try my luck here. :p Used is perfectly okay with me! Feel free to DM if you're willing to sell~
  9. S

    Zapped! Halloween Zap! From Shelterkat!!

    I'm truly overjoyed and may or may not be smiling like a loon right now!! I got the best Halloween surprise today! From DPF's Dawn (@Shelterkat) and I'm so happy/grateful/like a kid in a candy store!! Its' this year's fabulous double sided Halloween lanyard and the M&M Halloween 2018 logo pin...
  10. L

    anyone have info on these pins? "steppin out" boots

    I have two pins from the "steppin out" boots pin series. but i can't seem to find much info on them other than what is on pinpics. i know they are LE 500, There is an eeyore style going on ebay for $110 and that's literally all i can find. *edit - having issues posting pictures bit the two...
  11. S

    "Error" Pins: What is the general opinion?

    How do ya'll feel about them? If it was a pin that you've only seen come up for trade (or sell) once would you still collect it/trade for it/buy it? Do you have any "error" pins in your collections? Share your opinion on them & please share any photos you have too!
  12. PinPuff

    Sold/Ended: Entire Collection!

    I've decided to see if there's any interest in my collection. Most of them are just traders, but the Bolt / LGM / Foods I've been very attached to! Sad to see them go, but I know it's for the best. :) This really is an expensive hobby, lol. Shipping is $4 for any pin and can go up...
  13. S

    Sold/Ended: COCO Pins

    Hello! I want to buy the COCO pins from todays release (mainly Hector , surprise skull release, and the Marquee) Is anyone selling (or trading) the COCO pins from today's event including the surprise release skull?
  14. watzshakinbacon

    New Gideon PTD LE 400 - Ends Sun 7/9/17 @ 6pm Pacific

    So.. I read somewhere on DPF that this was the first cat PTD in a long time (like.. over a year!). Gideon is up to no good, and it's up to you to stop him! Adopt him into a good home and be his conscience! ENDS SUNDAY, JULY 9 @ 6PM PACIFIC (DISNEYLAND TIME) So.. here he is.. NOT on pinpics...
  15. G

    HELP! Confused! WDI Badges

    Can anyone lost which WDI pin badges (2007-2010) have 1 post & which ones have 2 posts?
  16. G

    HELP! Confused! WDI Badges

    Can anyone lost which WDI pin badges (2007-2010) have 1 post & which ones have 2 posts?
  17. S

    Sold/Ended: Wanted Disney maps guides or flyers

    Hello everyone! In light of my newest pin board project I am in need of Disney themed maps/guides. Preference for Halloween of course but any Disney map and guide from any of the parks is needed. Or flyers.
  18. S

    Greetings from Arendelle- Ends Sunday April 2 2017 @ 11:59 pm est

    Pin 115606 Acme - Greetings from Arendelle - Sven. He's LE of 250 and ready for a new home maybe with some other frozen companions :-). This auction starts now and ends on Sunday April 2, 2017 @11:59 pm/est. My pinpics is famous_monsters. [/IMG] My Wants/Collection: Halloween Ghosts...
  19. watzshakinbacon

    Cleo (Pin #1623) is stuck in a small pond! - Ends Sun, Feb 19. 2017 @ 6pm PST

    Hello everyone! I am putting Cleo (Pin #1623) up for auction! I haven't had too much luck with trading her despite her impressive w-t stats! WANTS: 179 TRADES: 22 The auction will end at 6:00pm PST on Sun, Feb 19, 2017. You can see my collection and wants on PinPics: "watzshakinbacon". USA...
  20. M

    Dumbo Bath Pin

    Hi! I'm currently collecting Dumbo, and this is a pin I've been looking for for a while now. I can't trade for it, as I don't have any pins with similar value. So I was wondering if anyone has this and would be willing to sell? Thanks ^^