Disney Store Park Pack 3.0 ALL THREE Limited Edition Mystery Pin Set - Mulan

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Bummer, was so close to keeping it a surprise for myself but just ruined it by searching something else on ebay.



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You can also hit the button to the right of the Insert Media button, to the left of the camera, which just says "Insert..." when you hover over it, and select Spoiler.

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I am not a fan [ of this movie] if anyone wants to trade for my set. Haven’t gotten it yet but should be here soon

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Spoilers ahead!!!



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Omg, for once the outline design actually works and is quite clever. Love the constellations!!

But whyyyy does the frame scene that I want make Meg so darn dark?? It's like the Aladdin balcony scene (though this one is better since the framing works and Meg isn't *as* dark as Jasmine was).

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Put the word spoiler inside square brackets - [] - in front of what you want to hide and the same thing with an / between the [ and s after what you want to hide. (Maybe start with a test.)

Edit-Looks like I had put too much and spoiled what I wanted to show. It also looks like if you want to hid the whole thing, you don't need the "/" one at the end. Only need that if you want to continue to write normally afterwards.
This sounds like "higher math"...

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Oh goodness. Gonna want these as well. I have a Zootopia park pack for trade!

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Well, mine will be up for trade. Especially to anyone who ended up with one of those spare Alice boxes.
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