Ever look back and say "What have I done???"

Discussion in 'Pin Showroom' started by Goofy_Moe, May 27, 2018.

  1. Snoffsan

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    Thank you! Yeah Docfish2u helped me get the last ones. I gave him like every good trader I had and he set out on a quest and managed to get me the last 4 I was missing in the end. He is my hero!
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  2. Ajk

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    What a beautiful display! Congrats on an awesome set! I so have my work cut out for me.
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  3. pretty Omi

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  4. Nasubionna

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    Wow, amazing collection!
  5. natelove

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    Welcome back Moe!
  6. disneykitty24

    disneykitty24 IM GONNA WRECK IT!!!

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    Holy geeze! Thats a incredible collection of PODMS!!!!! :D amazing!!
  7. Doc Goofy

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    The pins posted on this thread can not be expressed in words.
    So totally awesome.
  8. Purplemandms

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    After seeing those PODM's, I'm curious to see what pins are in the other boxes!!

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  9. nascarfdisney88

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    Wow that is a lot of pins! I have recently gone through my 6 books after several years and I remember many great times! One year we traveled to 6 or 7 resorts in the early 2000s to get the Christmas pin for each resort! Boy that takes time with the bus system! From park to resort to park to resort!

    I also remember meeting a wonderful pin lady from overseas and I gave her a pin or two she really wanted in the parks and in return she sent 5 stained glass princess pins!
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  10. Badockins

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    That's a nice collection!

    We started with just collecting a couple of sets of tsum tsums at the first of the year and now we are up to four books of pins and my 4 and 5 year old are just as into as I am. It's great but so addicting!
  11. JP2018

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    Now that is a collection! Can only imagine the time it took to collect these :)
  12. vans4bkah

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    Thanks for sharing. I remember your website and all the different scenes. I loved your games. Hope you have the time to start them up again.
  13. dancecats

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    It's wonderful to see you back around here @Goofy_Moe you have been very much missed. I remember when you were collecting each and every single one of those beautiful PODMs and what those gorgeous pins mean to you. I also remember how excited we all were when you were able to add that elusive 'one more' to your amazing collection.

    Now that you're back, I do hope you'll consider staying around for a while. As I said, you have been missed.
  14. Doc Goofy

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    With such an obsession with collecting, when is enough, enough????? NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
  15. OpieDoodle

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    That is an impressive collection! I am still super new to this pin trading shenanigans but mine started out with two pins as gifts....then another purchased as a gift for me and I realized how much I like them! Now I may have quite a few on their way to me (cough cough, we're not going to discuss how many or my husband may murder me lol!) then I am going down to WDW in three weeks and plan to buy more down there.
  16. MommaIvy

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    Wow!!!! I’m new to this hobby but now I have a goal lol. This collection is amazing and your framed set is inspiring!!! Also just want to say everyone in this community is so nice! So many great comments here.

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