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  1. akarih

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    I don't collect Fantasia much anymore
    - Esmeralda the Fortune Teller( the Penny Arcade machine not the Hunchback character) is another thing I love though she doesn't have many pins
    - Old Hag from Snow White
    Tiana is my main focus now instead of Cheshire Cat

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  2. SkeleCountry

    SkeleCountry Active Member

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    Silly Symphonies : The Skeleton Dance / Lonesome Ghosts

    Any pin that has a skeleton(s) from "The Skeleton Dance"
    Any Skeleton Dance
    Lonesome Ghosts


    General Halloween (eg: Jack o' Lantern /Logo)
    Fab 5
    Chip and Dale
    "Obscure" characters (eg: the headless horseman, witch hazel)
    Haunted Mansion

    Haunted Mansion

    Hitchhiking Ghosts
    Hatbox Ghost
    The Dueling Ghosts


    Nightmare Before Christmas
  3. Koda Pup

    Koda Pup New Member

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    Brother Bear

    Kenai and Koda

    The Fox and the Hound

    Tod only

    Lilo and Stitch

    Stitch only


    Raja only

    The Lion King

    Simba and Nala

    101 Dalmations

    Dogs only


    Nick and Judy


    Animal-themed pin - mainly pet and wild cats, foxes, dogs, and wolves
  4. cristywill

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    I have changed my mind a million times, and probably will again. Here is what I collect, for now...


    Side collections:
    Shorts, Fab 5, Chip and Dale and Scrooge(picky)
    Gummi bears
    Once Upon a Wintertime
    Sets I like

    My son collects:
  5. AidanShepard

    AidanShepard A Villainous Villain!

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    AaaAAA this is a good idea wow ;v;

    Oliver and Company - Oliver
    Mulan - Ping, Hero of China, Shan Yu, Shang
    Treasure Planet - Captain Amelia
    Princess and the Frog - Dr Facilier
    Big Hero 6 - Yokai, Baymax, Hiro, Mochi, Wasabi
    Lilo & Stitch
    Villains (Sets)
  6. Mike_Mouse

    Mike_Mouse Well-Known Member

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    I've held off doing this mainly because I didn't want to write it all out but here goes:

    Disney Animated Features:

    Pinocchio (main collection)
    Alice in Wonderland (main collection)
    Peter Pan (main collection)
    Cinderella (mice)
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (mainly Dopey)
    The Jungle Book
    Sleeping Beauty ( mainly Fairy's, Briar Rose, Prince Philip, and Maleficent)
    Winnie the Pooh (all characters but primarily Rabbit)
    101 Dalmatians
    The Sword in the Stone
    The Adventures of Ichabod Crane and Mr. Toad
    Beauty and the Beast (mainly ballroom scene but not only)
    Lion king (young Simba with Timon and Pumba)
    Aladdin (Genie)
    Hunchback of Notre Dame
    Hercules (Hades)
    The Princess and the Frog

    All Pixar movies in general except for Brave, Planes, The Good Dinasour and Shorts
    Toy Story (mainly toy story 2 characters)
    Walle (Walle and Eve only)
    Monsters Inc/Monsters University
    The Incredibles (Edna Mode and Jack Jack)
    Ratatouille (anything and everything)
    Cars (primarilyDCA Carsland event and holiday themed cars)

    Fully Live Action:
    Hocus Pocus

    Other Properties
    A Muppets Christmas Carol

    TV Shows:
    Disney Afternoons in General with a main focus on Darkwing Duck and Duck Tales (No Adventures of the Gummy Bears)
    Disney Channel Mickey Mouse Shorts

    Theme Parks and Attractions:
    Disneyland in general
    5oth Anniversary
    Main Attractions I focus on
    • Haunted Mansion (Hatbox Ghost and Character invasion mainly Fab Five)
    • Pirates of the Caribbean (Mark Davis Concept art, The classic Red Head only, Dog scene and Character invasion mainly Fab Five)
    • Jungle Cruise
    • Advenureland
    • New Orleans Square
    • Carsland
    • Splash Mountain
    • Matterhorn Mountain
    • Hollywood Tower of Terror (anything)
    • Fantasmic
    • Disney's Electrical Parade
    • OE Attraction pins that feature Mickey Mouse
    All Park Events and Holidays I attend

    MICKEY MOUSE (obviously!) Fab Five in general but the main focus is M.M. especially if shown in classic cartoons (i.e. Lonesome Ghost, Brave little tailor, or Steamboat Willie) but pretty much anything with Mickey I like!
    Side Collection of Americana/stars and stripes Mickey Mouse as well

    Walt Disney Pins ( specifically photos but any image or specific reference)
  7. akarih

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    So.... everything?

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  8. SoraPandora

    SoraPandora I'm SoraPandora again!

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    Tessa, I hate to do this to you, but next time you’re editing these lists, can you please change my username from PixiePost back to SoraPandora?

    Changing my username was such a dumb idea, LOL! All it did was create a lot of work for me and everyone else.

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  9. timeerkat

    timeerkat Your Friend Who Likes To Play

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    Sure, I can do that. :)

    With the per-post character limit, I will have to make a new thread with lots of dedicated posts. I will do so in the near future, once I have some time to dedicate to making the new thread and copying everything over. In the meantime, feel free to keep posting your lists and revisions, and I will make the changes in the new thread once it's created.
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  10. akarih

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    Mine is long overdue for an update whenever you make the new thread Tessa. Here's the changes.

    Fantasia is no longer as well as AiW though I still collect Cheshire. I collect Tiana in all her outfits now, but not as a frog. Side collections are Madame Leota, Old Hag, and Rafiki though Rafiki is my least important side collection really. I'm also falling in love with the Tiki Room right now so you can put me down for that too. Thanks Tessa!

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  11. Mike_Mouse

    Mike_Mouse Well-Known Member

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    Pretty much. My collections seem to grow and expand; Disney keeps making new movies; and I really never seem able to edit or reduce any of them. However, that will probably happen eventually out of sheer necessity, or court order. o_O
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