Pin it forward!!

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I haven't done this in a looooooong time so I'll go next :)

If possible, please no International. My mom just had surgery and I don't have my driver's license so wouldn't be able to get to the post office right away.


Your Friend Who Likes To Play
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I would like to join, please. My pinpics is currently not completely up to date (I did a TON of trading this weekend) but it will be updated tonight.

(Can I please request no international?)


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I've never done one of these, I would like to play. How does it work, I get a pin from the person who posts above me and in turn I give a pin to the person below me?


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It's been a long time since I played, I'll jump in! I do ask that the person who posts after me is in the US. I have had some issues with shipping international at my local PO. Thanks!


DPF Correspondent
DPF Correspondent
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Hi Sam,
I would love a pin it forward from a new member ,pm for my addy please and yes I am in the USA
and I will need the one posting under me to be in the USA as well,so who's next??