Removing Scratches from pins


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quick question
what if the enamel has a tiny scratch on the back? how do i cover it up?
is there a way to smooth it out or fill it in with something?

Frankly I'd leave it as it is, I'd rather take a slightly scratched pin than a potentially ruined one. But maybe someone came up with some crazy method, not that I know of any...


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I have been told by some uk friends that EVO-STICK Adhesive Cleaner is the uk version of goof off. I have never used this priduct as I amin the US .. so if you are going to try it... do so in a test spot or something first... I would hate to see valuable pins ruined.


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Hi! I am new to DPF and had some questions on fixing pin surfaces. I’m not sure how to DM you? But I was hoping to send you a couple pictures of pins that I’ve bought from other sellers who unfortunately did not disclose flaws and would not take the pins back. The surfaces are both different materials and I was hoping to get your input and advice. Thankyou! Please let me know!