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Hello my pin friends. I am struggling on a trade and hoping to get some opinions on it. What do you think of the fairness/appropriateness of the following trade? (I'll post below via Tapatalk in a moment.)
Thanks in advance!


Let's party like its 2019.
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Trading this:


For this:


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I would personally give a little more weight to the Cutie, but then don't really know how easily the postcard pops up.

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My initial reaction (with little research beyond Pinpics and what I know about the Cursive Cutie already) is that I would make that trade.

My logic:
1) thinking Jack is for your collection/on your wants list? If you wanting Jack is incorrect then it would definitely be a different equation. How excited are you to have found this Jack pin?
2) he Jack pin had an original retail of $75 almost 20 years ago? That would hold some weight to the positive for the trade also. The DA bidding took the Jack pin up to $75 (if I understand correctly?) (The 6 pin set was $202.50.) Seems like this pin was higher demand in 2003. (But I am not 100% confident of this theory... if any long timer knows more.)
3) If Eeyore was obtained by me at cost... also would be another reason I would agree to the trade.

Have you come across this LE 100 Jack pin before? (ie, 20 years ago and LE 100 seems rare.)

With a bit more research...
- auction site has one Jack for sale for $200 (no buyers lately).
- auction site has multiple eeyore's for sale ranging from $225 to $328 (no buyers lately).
So yes, Eeyore might value higher and long term might go up even higher (based on other Cursive Cuties.)

Is there anything else the other person might be able to add (ie, 2nd pin, of course) to their side which is valued for the possible $$ different (thinking roughly $52 taking a mean of the Eeyore current value)?

Anyway, those are my 2 cents for whatever it is worth.


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Gosh trades for older Auction pins versus newer WDI/DSSH/DEC pins is really difficult to gauge. An LE 100 that is hard to find is usually really enticing but recency bias is leaning towards your pin being worth more in the near future.

As it stands, I’d say the trade values are pretty even. If you wanted to buy the Jack pin outright, $200 on eBay. If the other trader wanted to buy outright they’d be in the same kind of range.

I also think it depends on what shape the Jack pin is in. If it’s not on card or has a flaw, I’d say the other trader can add some value for you to make it a bit more even!