Traders VS Keepers in your book


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Ive never been to a park (well January will change that lol) but I will only be having my Trader pins on my lanyard as well as in my only pin bag as I wouldnt put my keeper pins on there as I wouldnt want anyone to get funny with me by saying thats a keeper.

As the way I see it, the Lanyard is for having your trader pins on for people to see and keepers should be kept off it as you can get someones hopes up for them to be turned down.

This was pretty much how I feel, traders on the lanyard, favorites at home. But maybe some people wanna show off their preciouses. :)


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I have just started trading a few months ago and I have one book for everything simply because I haven't finished a collection yet to leave it at home. At the same time I don't really want to shell out another $30 on a book for keepers to sit at home. Sometimes keepers will become traders if the right pin is offered. It all depends that's why I bring everything. If the keeper is something I can easily get again, I don't mind trading it. People have their own opinions and trade values. It all depends the person. I'll personally tell other traders that only the first few pages of so are for trade and that's how I differentiate traders vs keepers in my book.