Zapped! Zapped by a Doctor of Magic!

Discussion in 'Pin Zaps & Swaps' started by GreyWyvern, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. GreyWyvern

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    I was happy, but also slightly melancholy about receiving the last of my picked-up-at-WDW pins from Merlin. I was only expecting one pin, so it was a little confusing when I had to trek to the post office to pick up a BOX that wouldn't fit in my mail slot. :eek:

    Dagnabbit, that tricky magician snuck in a Food & Wine Figment tumbler as a zap! What a guy!!!


    Thanks so much for this, Merlin! I will treasure it!!! It was so great meeting you in person for pick-ups over the years, and I wish you the best of luck in all you do going forward. :cool:

  2. Poohlady5

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    Congrats!! That tumbler is awesome
  3. akarih

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    Awesome zap! Congrats!

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  4. Shelterkat

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  5. CCofRR13

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    That's awesome ~ Congrats!
  6. mickeymousje

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    Awesome zap! Congrats :D
  7. Ajk

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    What an appropriate zap! Congrats!
  8. Booger1964

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    Great zap! Congrats!
  9. MerlinEmrys

    MerlinEmrys Hicitus Pinicus!

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    I have to be honest, it was mostly a convenient excuse to convince Russ to do the scavenger hunt with me. In a cruel twist of fate, he was much better at it than I was. XD

    Anywho, glad it made it! <3 Enjoy!
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  10. fuzzybunny

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    love the tumbler and got my pin from Merlin as well congrats on the tumbler Greywyvern
  11. dancecats

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    That tumbler is absolutely adorable - congratulations on such an amazing zap!

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