2014 Designer Dolls - Fairytale Collection Part II

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  1. Polaris

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    Hey everyone,

    So I know we have about 7 months to go before we start getting any information in relation to the new designer line expected for 2014 but I wanted to see if we could start some speculation. Note this will have some Frozen related spoilers.

    I know that the current forerunner is that we are going to get a Designer Fairytale collection two which will feature the other princesses omitted in the 2013 line up, but I would still like to think that there is the possibility for something different to the princesses just like they did the Villains in 2012.

    The way I see it, the next line has to feature at the very least Anna mainly because the girls of Frozen are confirmed to join the Princess line up in 2014 as a result of this and the fact that Frozen has just absolutely dominated in merchandise sales I definitely think that Disney will capitalize on this for the new designer line. It is because of this that I do think that we will probably see another princess designer line for 2014 rather than something different.

    So the next DFDC II series will include the following characters:
    - Cinderella and prince Charming

    - Tiana and Naveen

    - Aurora and Prince Phillip

    - Mulan and Shang

    - Pocahontas and John Smith

    To be honest knowing Disney they are going to want to do the princesses again in 2014 and probably see the slow sales of the villains in 2012 being because of the fact that they based the dolls on something other than the princesses so they probably may decide to never deviate away from the princesses again especially if they decide that they want to capitalize on Frozen.

    So the way I see it, even if Disney decides against doing the fairytale line we will more than likely be getting dolls based on the princesses again. If they were to do something else which is becoming more and more unlikely I still hope they do a "heroines" line that features Esmerelda, Kida, Jane, Meg, possibly Merida could be included in this line even though she is officially a princess, Alice and Wendy (if they can make characters thinner then they can definitely make characters older). I know there is also Vanellope but she is significantly younger than Alice and Wendy so I just think would be a bit of a stretch to include her in the line.

    I would love to know what you guys think the 2014 designer line will be based on (princesses or non princesses) and which characters will be featured in the line. Also i'd be keen to hear what you think what will become of the future of these dolls and if you are planning on getting this next set regardless of what it is or if you have to love the doll first before you would buy it. Especially since I know that there are now 21 of these designer dolls (23 if you include the D23 exclusives) out there so buying another 5-6 of these dolls will result in almost 30 sets which means taking up a lot of space. So how far do you think Disney will take this series before they start slowing it down? Or will they just continue releasing them.
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  2. ElysionsPrincess

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    My speculations:

    2014 will continue the Designer Fairytale Couples. I think they will complete it with the remaining five princesses from the original 10 with their man cakes:

    -Cinderella and Charming
    -Aurora and Phillip
    -Pocahontas and Johnny Boy
    -Mulan and Shang
    -Tiana and Naveen

    I don't think Anna and Kristoff will be included because they are "too new," and excluding only one or two of the old princesses would be very odd and annoying to me. I don't know when Anna and Elsa are being crowned as official princesses but it probably won't be until Summer (that seems to be the time to do it), and it would be too short of notice for them to be in the doll line. Just my personal opinion.

    2015 I think will be heroines as well. I hypothesize the line up to be a smaller one, and consist of:


    and either Kida or Jane (but these are stretches IMO).

    I think they will certainly capitalize on their three newest princesses, but leave out the couples aspect for Anna, simply because I don't think he is going to be well enough known yet. And, I think it would be cooler if they ran with the sister theme and let them just be together (Anna and Elsa), with no dudes. Merida is an obvious must. And I pick Megara and Esmeralda because their films are more widely known/well-recepted I think than Atlantis (for certain), and Tarzan is a weird one (like, everyone knows it, but they don't remember everything about it).

    If they are ever to make Designer Alice, Vanellope, Wendy, etc, I think it would have to be in a "Storybook Children" line or something like that (instead of Fairytale Couples...just keep changing the name around). I don't see them using the words Fairytale or Designer with children really, but I assume it will be something of that nature. They would have to be in a line of their own, although I just simply don't see it happening.

    Just my thoughts! I've though about the upcoming lines a lot, and studying Disney's merchandizing history, this seems to be the conclusion I've reached.
  3. starry_solo

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    Well, maybe they won't limit it to 5 more sets but expand it to suck more money out of us? LOL
  4. LittleMermaidAriel

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    I definitely think that the Fairytale Designer Collection will be continued next year and I think the sets will most likely be the ones that have been speculated the most:

    Cindy and Charming
    Aurora and Phillip
    Pocahontas and john Smith
    Mulan and Shang
    Tiana and Naveen

    I do have to agree with Polaris and say that I would not be surprised if Disney did decide to include Anna & Kristoff as the movie has been an instant success and the merchandise insanely popular. Who knows if they decide to include Anna & Kristoff as a special *bonus* to the collection, making a total of 6 sets for fall of 2014. Disney knows that these dolls will sell and while Frozen is new it has been a huge success with a lot of potential for future merchandise. I would not mind Anna & Kristoff being added to the lineup or added as a bonus, however is she is not put in as an extra set I fear Mulan or Pocahontas will get the boot which I hope is not the case as I believe their should be more merchandise released of them both. I also believe the dresses will be as Polaris described and frankly I hope they are.

    As for future doll lines, I think that a Heroine collection is overdue and hopefully Disney gets the picture because it has been greatly requested and they do take feedback very seriously. I think we will continue to see more doll line releases in the next couple of years, I just wish they were not so close together :roll:
  5. Polaris

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    That is a good point about the original princesses I also agree with starry_solo and littlemermaidariel in that there may be more than 5 sets to possibly include Anna. I did realise that the coronation of Anna will probably not occur until halfway through the year but Disney already knows and did know since earlier this year that Anna would become a part of the Disney Princess line up so I cannot see why they would not include her in the plans for the next line of designer dolls. Not sure about the Heroines line in 2015 as that is an expo year so the release will be big and Disney generally loves to release princess related merchandise during Expo years but since there are some princesses included in your heroines line then I can definitely see it working that year as well. Those are some very good points raised though and made me rethink the possible characters to be released during the DFDC line next year.

    I do hope they do 6 sets instead though especially since there wont be a D32 exclusive set.
  6. ahn_dray_uh

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    ah thanks for the info! even though they are speculations, it's still something to keep an eye out for. thanks for this :)
  7. KingCam

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    I know everyone's thinking that they'll continue the Fairytale Couples next year, but it's also possible they could be holding off the remaining of the original 10 princess couples for 2015, as that is a D23 year? That way they fulfill their princess thing, along with having the opportunity to having a D23 exclusive that'll also be a princess (like what they did this year).

    That would leave 2014 for to be a surprise in terms of designer dolls... But that's just my thinking. You guys are probably right in the sense they'll continue the Fairytale Couples for next year.
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  8. ladyroselie

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    I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't finish off the Fairytale Couple line at all, since what many consider the "heavy hitters" have already been featured. I would really love some solo gals again, I felt they were a little too cramped with the Princes in the case.

    Mostly I want a line with a Designer (of any style): Elsa, Aurora, Cindrella, Anna, and Merida. I think they could do a modern couture princess line (in the style of the Villains, which was sublime) and it would be just lovely. As much as I love vintage, there is room in my room for as many designer dolls as they decide to make.
  9. agrimmending

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    If they did designer couples again I doubt they would do Krsitoff and Anna. The whole point of the movie was about family love, not couple love, and I agree she will be too new to the line-up. I think they will stick to the original designer 10 princess and finish up the couples if they go that route but perhaps include Anna and Kristoff as a "bonus" while not excluding any others. It could make sense since technically there are six sets that were released this year with the variant Snow White. We could possibly see Anna and Elsa in a heroine line which I think would be good for the D23 year and it would most likely be Elsa with the variant. Other heroines I see being included are Meg, Merida, Alice, and possibly Kida. The reason I feel they won't save the couples round two for D23 is that it might be weird to have two couple variants and poor silver Cinderella by herself.
  10. Matthewlondon

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    I really can't see them ever doing a heroines line! Doesn't seem popular with the genereal public just us big fans! I know I wouldn't want someone like jane.
    I would hope they continue the fairytale collection to include Aurora but I don't see it happening because apart from Aurora, Cinderella and maybe Tianna, Pocahontas and Mulan always get pushed to the back anyway and all the popular princess's are done. And if they had planned to do a follow up fairytale collection then why would they do all the popular princess's first and not space them better?

    I think whatever collection they do then they will try to do Elsa, as she is beautiful and very popular.
    Which ever collection they do then I hope it's an improvement of the fairytale collection which was just classic dolls with lots of embroidery and being crammed in a box with a prince.

    I hope for a designer couture princess line( like the villians) that could be stunning and get back to the "designer" theme. Although I hope they go out with a bang and not keep releasing princess's every single year in other so called designer looks. Change it up and give us a new collection after the next fairytale line.
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  11. kupo1121

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    Sent you an e-mail Polaris ;)
  12. colorwindpainter

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    In my honest opinion I think Disney would create another princess line....

    But what I'd really love to see is the "heroine" line everyone's talked about but change the really rigid cut lines everyone gives Disney characters. Now I know Disney has given Pocahontas, mulan, and Merida their princess titles but I personally think they would fit beautifully into a heroine line along with megera and esmeralda. Although mulan and Shang are a couple, I still prefer mulan by herself. Same for the whole speal with Pocahontas and the johns. I prefer Pocahontas by herself without that whole complication of which John she should be with. I think these three "princess" would fit better into a heroine line over trying to stick Wendy or Alice in the line to fill in spots.
    *** Being completely far fetched I'd love if tiger lily was in the heroine line as she stood up to a pirate and risked drowning to keep pans secret, that's heroism in its own right. Hehehe. ***
  13. Polaris

    Polaris Active Member

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    I agree that the movie was about family love but then that doesnt mean that Anna and Kristoff are not a legitimate couple like the other princesses. By that theory Mulan and Shang would not be a couple because the movie was more about Mulan saving China, her romance with Shang was only a sideline story that really wasnt featured much at all during the movie. Also I don't know why people think it too early for Anna or Elsa to be included in the next designer line, they already know that both girls will become princesses and well I don't know if you guys are forgetting this but Rapunzel was included in the original designer line that was announced around Jul 2011 and the movie Tangled came out in November of 2010 so going by that account that is the same timeframe that Frozen is released and the next Designer line is to be released so I definitely don't think it too early.

    I do agree though that it is possible that they may do 6 sets instead of 5 as both Elsa and Merida dont have partners anyway so they would be omitted from the line regardless.

    I have been told that the next line has already been confirmed and that it will feature the original 5 princesses that were omitted from the first line which I think will be interesting because as mentioned by ladyroselie they have already released the hard hitting princesses so if they were to release the next 5 princesses I would not be sure who would be the Ariel (most popular) or Belle (considered favourite by most due to design) of this line and it would solely depend on the look of the dolls. If they were to include Anna in this line I think she will be the Ariel of the line in that she would be the most popular and would sell out fast. All the other princesses whilst popular in their own right unless they look exception (like Belle did in this line) then it is unlikely that they will sell as fast as Ariel did this year.

    I definitely think that everyone has raised some good points so far and do agree Disney does need to try feature some of their other characters in their designer line, especially if they want to continue the designer series in the future.
  14. alex555

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    Actually someone in this forum already leaked that DFDC part 2 is a fact, weeks after the last doll set (Ariel & Eric) was sold. And it would be a total fail on DS to pass on the remaining 5 princess. For those who don't know, when DS revealed the collection months ago on their Facebook page, the post was flooded with comments of people asking for the remaining princess, instead of praising the beautiful dolls that were being presented (lol, this is a perfect example that you can never please everybody). I also agree with the rest. I think they won't kick out Mulan and Pocahontas for this collection. If they decide to add Anna, she will be as an extra set, but definitely not replacing any of the original 10.

    Now, for the dresses that the dolls will wear, I agree with Polaris that Cinderella will be on her iconic "blue" dress and Tiana in her bayou-wedding gown. For Pocahontas, I think she will be in her brown attire (my guess is that it will come with added color-embroidery to represent "Colors in the Wind"). But I'm really curious to see what they might end up putting on Mulan and Aurora.

    For Mulan and Shang, if they want to capture the "Fairytale" moment, they need to represent this scene:


    But I fear they go for the most "iconic" look for Mulan and end up putting her in the Matchmaker dress.

    As for Aurora, her Fairtytale moment is definitely when she's as Briar Rose and meets Philip in the woods. But as other have mentioned in other threads, the Briar Rose dress is simple, empty colored and far from being considered Designer. So they might choose the blue dress. What do you think?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Also, I totally see 2015 (year for the next D23) being the year of the 3 New princess: Elsa, Anna and Merida. I think they will use these 3 princess as the power houses to skyrocket the next collection. They could add some fan favorite (and long awaited) girls such as Megara, Alice and Esmeralda to fill the spots to complete a 6 doll set. Or they can simply add again the 3 most popular princess such as Rapunzel, Ariel and Belle. They could call it Designer Princess part 2 or Designer Heroines.
  15. jennisney

    jennisney Princess Collector c:

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    I would love for them to do (SPOILERS!!!) Anna and Kristoff.

    I'd also love a Pocahontas and John smith, if they do those to they will be all I am getting!! Hopefully I can add Belle and Beast to my collection one day too :)

    :lol: I laughed so hard at "Johnny Boy" xD
  16. Moondance

    Moondance Pусcкая Poбйн

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    Oh I'd LOVE to see a DFDC Anna and Kristoff, I can just imagine Anna's dress being a beautiful rendition of her coronation outfit, but with the colours and rosemaling of the snow gear :)
  17. RapunzelSalat

    RapunzelSalat Member

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    I'd like the couple set to include Anna and Elsa together. Sisterly love instead of romantic. I kind of hope they skip the couples set this year and do it in 2015 instead to save on my pocketbook. Although I am sure whatever they do this year would hurt me too! Maybe this year could be a set of designer individual dolls including one of Anna and of Elsa and some of the non-princess heroines like Megara, Jane, and Esmerelda.
  18. ImNotBad

    ImNotBad Member

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    I was thinking this too. They can make another two doll set not romantic couple related, and it can include:
    Anna and Elsa
    Merida and Queen Elinor

    But I'm not sure who could be in the other sets though:
    Cinderella and Termaine?
    Aurora and Maleficent?
    Ariel and Vanessa?
    Rapunzel and Mother Gothel?
    Snow White and Evil Queen?

    I'd still like to see them go back to the original concept again once more with the other characters, Esmerelda, Wendy, Alice, Sally, Jessica, Meg.
  19. LittleMermaidAriel

    LittleMermaidAriel Member

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    I honestly would be surprised if Disney decided not to continue the line next year as it was confirmed by some people on here and the DS themselves. Not saying that they can't turn around and change their minds, but if the next wave was confirmed by numerous Disney Stores it is very unlikely that they won't release them.
  20. ElysionsPrincess

    ElysionsPrincess Love Thaws a Frozen Heart!

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    I still stand by my hypothesis. I don't like the idea of them making Anna and Kristoff together, even though they are one of my all time favorite couples. I definitely think Anna and Elsa should be dolls separately, but as a part of the same line. The message of the movie needs to be conveyed always, otherwise it runs the risk of losing its seriousness (in my eyes). The film is important BECAUSE of its differences, and that needs to be celebrated.

    I think if Merida, Anna, and Elsa were included in a heroines collection, the line would do extremely well, especially at D23 in 2015. So I can't imagine that being a problem. They will all be official princesses at this point. And Megara has and always will be popular, I think popular enough to sell a doll. Maybe they will pull a DP and make half of the line LE 8000 and the other half LE 6000, to accommodate for the lesser popular ladies.
  21. agrimmending

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    However, Mulan and Shang were given a follow up film which really focused on their romance and life as a couple, thus giving it stronger couple quality than Anna and Kristoff in my opinion. I still don't think they would ever replace one of the less popular princesses in a line like this just because another princess will sell better. In the spirit of Disney they will just add another doll, not take away one, because inevitably it will sell. If they did happen to include an Anna and Kristoff couple set, they could easily do a heroine line and include Elsa the following year, along with Merida (to tie up the princess line) Meg, Esmeralda, etc. but I think it is more likely that they would just include Anna in that heroine line than do a couple.

    Also, I don't know why people think Alice is out of the question for the heroine line, her film is probably one of the most popular classic films. It would also finally give a match to the Queen of Hearts designer villain, although I think Disney would have to really scrape the bottom of the barrel to make an Anita for Cruella.

    What I would really absolutely adore Disney to do is make a decade designer doll collection. A lot of people make graphics on tumblr that are really cool and set the princesses in decades starting with 1910 and going up to 2010. However, that would only utilize 10 of the princesses. I think it would be so cool to have the girls set in different modern time periods. I could just see them putting Snow White in a little 20's flapper dress with her little bob cut and Ariel decked out in neon for the 80's. It would be neat to see the best designer looks of the past century plastered on these gals.
  22. Shivatopia

    Shivatopia Aeon of Macalania

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    If they are going to conclude the DFDC line, I believe that it should be in 2014, since essentially a two-year wait time span in between them would be a terrible marketing strategy. Disney marketing tends to be about new and fresh ideas (and of course in-line with what sells), so holding the rest of the DFDC line just for a D23 Expo seems unlikely. To keep sales momentum for a collection line, it should be fresh in people's minds. It has of course been pointed out that the DFDC line premiered in 2013, two years after the 2011 Designer Princess Collection, with the 2012 Designer Villains in-between, but the 2011 and 2013 collections are separate projects with only the "Designer" label and the fact that they feature Disney Princesses. The inspirational concepts and design executions are quite different. That said, if yet another Designer line is created for 2015, it will most likely be a new Designer idea featuring Disney Princesses to drain our coffers.

    And going back to the comments and speculations and "wants" that people voiced back in 2011, Designer Villains and Designer Princes were at the forefront from all sides. So, we got Designer Villains in 2012, and I think it is safe to say that the only way that we would ever see Designer Princes of any sort was if they were sold with the Princesses, so we got some Designer Princes in the DFDC this year. As much as my wallet will hate me for it, I would like the DFDC line to be concluded.

    Keep in mind that this is what was officially released as describing this collection:
    Designed and beautifully crafted to capture the essence of “happily ever after†at its best, Disney Store’s Fairytale Designer Collection celebrates five iconic Disney Princesses and their leading men who, together, magically create a one-of-a-kind Collection that will be treasured keepsakes of collectors, Disney fans, and every princess and prince at heart!

    As for who I think may or may not be included from the remaining princess-ly characters (WARNING: SPOILERS MAY BE PRESENT BELOW):
    -Cinderella and Prince Charming (Iconic and omnipresent. This choice is obvious, as she is the sole sales powerhouse of the remaining original 10 Princesses.)
    -Princess Aurora and Prince Philip (Also iconic, but based on where they placed Aurora in the 2011 Designer Princess Collection in terms of LE size, which was based on what they projected would sell, the DS executives do not seem to think that Aurora is a sales powerhouse. On the other hand, 2014 seems to be the Aurora Year, based on the release of Maleficent and Diamond Edition Sleeping Beauty. And as for which "Fairytale" scene they'll pick, it's pretty much a sure bet that it will be either the first meeting in the woods or the waltz at the end of the film. Pretty much a sure thing if the DFDC is continued.)
    -Tiana and Prince Naveen (Newer princess, great potential with their "Fairytale" moment--which unfortunately is their bayou wedding. Don't get me wrong, I really like the bayou wedding gown, but Tiana has a few other great outfits that are stunning, like the white gown from "Almost There" and Dr. Facilier's offer, but Naveen is not a part of those scenes. Adds ethnic diversity to the line. I would be surprised if they were not included.)
    -Pocahontas and John Smith (The "Colors of the Wind" sequence provides many opportunities for that "Fairytale moment" that this collection claims to be about. Pocahontas is not supported as being popular in sales, and is consequently one of the neglected ladies from the Disney Princesses, so if the DFDC is not only limited to the original 10 Princesses, I can see her being excluded. Also, the story of Pocahontas is not originally a fairy tale. However, they add ethnic diversity and a mixed-race couple to the mix--food for thought.)
    -Fa Mulan and Li Shang (I can see them pretty much going with the outfits from the final scene of the film for inspiration when Li Shang goes to the Fa estate. There are really no other glamorous-potential interactions between them in the original film, and Mulan as Ping would seem an odd choice given that she is supposed to be looking like a man at that time. I pray that if Mulan is included that they steer away from the outfit she wears to see the Matchmaker, because that look has nothing to do with Li Shang. Still, Mulan is an official Disney Princess, she has a romantic interest, and there is a "Fairytale moment" for her and Li Shang, even though there is no grandmother Fa asking if he'd like to stay forever... But like Pocahontas, Mulan can easily be ejected from the collection if they decide to not only stick with the original 10 princesses.)
    -Merida (Merida is a tough one, because she has no romantic moments with anyone in Brave. Based on the description above, this should exclude Merida from the collection. If they were to pair her with anyone, it would be Queen Elinor, since the film's focus is on the relationship between mother and daughter and they do find happiness and understanding with each other by the end of the film. The slow sales of the 17" LE Merida and Elinor set may also hinder another Merida & Elinor set. To me, Merida is the least likely to ever be part of the DFDC.)
    -Anna and Kristoff (
    WARNING: SPOILERS MAY BE PRESENT! Possible, but as it has been mentioned, the film is more about the relationship between Anna and Elsa as sisters. Furthermore, Elsa is clearly the sales powerhouse of the film over Anna, but Elsa has no romantic interest. If they were to do an Anna & Elsa set, it would seem redundant in the face of the 17" LE Harrods Anna & Elsa set, as well as the D23 Expo play dolls set that was also made available on DS.com just before the film was released in theaters. Also, the big "Fairytale" moment of the film is when Anna saves Elsa, so not a romance scene. Anna and Kristoff's moment is very brief at the end of the film, sort of like Mulan and Li Shang. On the surface, the scene in the film that really would have fallen in-line thematically with this collection would have been during "Love Is An Open Door," but for those that have seen the film, it is obvious why that would never work. The company kind of shot themselves in the foot with romantic marketing opportunities with this film, as opposed to if they had stuck with the original story's characters Kai and Gerda, who could have fallen in love by the end of the film if they had been aged a little into young adults.)

    Last, the DFDC is described as being for the Disney Princesses, so unless the descriptor is altered, we would not be seeing these couples in the DFDC line, even though they have some great romantic moments in their films:
    -Megara & Hercules
    -Esmeralda & Phoebus
    -Jane & Tarzan
    -Jack Skellington & Sally
    -Roger & Jessica Rabbit

    And the following do not have romance or true romantic partners, since they are young girls:
    (Yeah, you can pair her with Peter Pan, but they do not end up together)
    -Tiger Lily
    (Same boat as Wendy)
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  23. Polaris

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    This is what I find interesting as well about Frozen that yes it was about the sisters and their relationship but isnt it fair to say that it was also about Anna and her relationship with Kristoff? I mean they still harped on about true love throughout the film and even had a whole song about Kristoff and Anna being together. I can see where people are coming from about Disney having to market their characters in a way that suits the film but really I dont see how matching the two in a fairytale set could take anything away from the message of the film, because really they did have their own fairytale moment, granted yes I do not think that Disney would not omit any of the original princesses and would just make a 6th set if they were to include Anna and Kristoff.

    I also generally try not to take the sequels into consideration as well as they really are less known movies and not necessarily canon towards the character. So I still stand by the fact that the movie Mulan is generally known for her courage and the fact that she saved China rather than her romance with Shang, I think Disney will just make up a fairytale moment for the two as they dont really have one in their movie unless you count that part at the end of the movie where Shang returns Mulan's helmet.

    I know as well that an Anna and Elsa set would make more sense but as mentioned by Shivatopia they have done that already with the Harrods and the D23 set. Which is great but if they keep doing it will be a bit overdone and may result in people wanting more merchandise of them individually. That being said they could do something like a "best friend" set. Which can include Anna and Elsa, Merida and Elinor, Tiana and Charlotte, Pocahontas and Nakoma, Mulan and any of the three guys (Poh, Ling or the other one who I cant remember his name), I dont know who else they could add for Cindy and Aurora if they were to just keep it with the Princess theme as I noticed that unless the best friend is a pet none of the other princesses have any other friends, unless you could the fairies for Aurora and the fairy godmother for Cinderella but they would be more guardians than friends but that would still be cool. I just think that more unlikely as that would be a real stretch to include characters like Nakoma and Mulan's friends in the line as they are not as well known and in Mulan's case wouldnt be as nice as if she were with Shang.

    I would just love to see a designer set relating to Frozen in some way, I just hope they dont do Anna and Elsa because based on the description provided by Shiva that would be a stretch to Disney to include them and it really should be Anna and Elsa if that was the case. Dont forget Anna is the main character of the film, in fact even though it is based on the Snow Queen the whole movie pretty much revolves around Anna and her relationships with Kristoff, Elsa, Hans and Olaf. Elsa just seems to be the more popular in terms of merchandise because I think kids love her powers and adults generally love her look.
  24. Tinkerboy

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    When I went to the store to get Belle/Beast the CM (I think the store manager) confirmed to me that they were continuing the DFDC line next year to complete the series. The only one I care about that is left and would get would be Aurora/Phillip. I was surprised that they didnt do Aurora and Cinderella the first one, so Im pretty positive that we will see them next year.

    Id love to see Anna and Elsa since I missed out on their LE dolls but I think that might be a stretch.
  25. TinkerTigg

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    I would love to see Elsa done in the overglamorized style of the Fairytale Designer collection...but I would want her sold solo...so I'd still be happy to see her done in a high fashion style too.
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