1. NChouser

    For Sale: Robin Hood, Fox and The Hound plus MORE!! CHECK IT OUT!!

    Hello everyone!! I am selling off some of my collection to focus on the bigger pins from my 2 favorite movies! Pins for Sale (or trade if you have Robin Hood/Fox and the Hound pins) - SOLD OUT Grab Bag of 5 Pins [2 lots available] - $15 + $3 Shipping <-- due to it being 5 pins ALL PRICES...
  2. NChouser

    Sold/Ended: Disney Open Edition Mystery Pins! - Dream Clouds!

    Good morning! I have another batch of pins I am looking to sell! See below! Have a great day! Cinderella - $8 Aurora - $8 Finding Nemo - $10 Mickey Mouse (3)- $5 each Stitch - $10 Genie (2) -$10 Entire set - $50 - 9 pins total - FREE SHIPPING Shipping is $2 for your order.
  3. NChouser

    Sold/Ended: MUST SEE!!! Multiple Disney Pin Tin Sets!! 8 different complete sets!

    Good morning everyone! Happy Wednesday! I have not been super active but I have been slowly collecting my two grail movies Fox and the Hound + Robin Hood!!! Anyway on with the sale! I have recently purchased a few sets of pins from an estate sale and would like to sell and possibly trade them...
  4. PinPuff

    Sold/Ended: Selling of traders! Some LE

    Thought that I'd have more time to trade this summer but I've been so distracted with work and the like! Just don't have time to actually 'trade' any of these traders and figured they deserve better homes :) Each pin has its own number / letter combo (all unique from A1 - A4) in white to the...
  5. PinPuff

    Sold/Ended: Hidden Mickey Food Pins

    Looking for any of these pins. Always been a bit skeptical to trade for them since they've been faked and people can't really ensure if they're real or not, but DPF is probably my best bet! :) Also looking for these 2 2017 completers!!! Also willing to buy, PM me if you have any! (PP is...
  6. PinPuff

    Boxlunch Pins ...?

    I've been out of the pin world for a while (clearly x)) and was wondering something about Boxlunch / Loungefly pins. I don't have one of these stores near me although I have seen lots of their Disney pins around. Are these "official" Disney pins? I know they are licensed by Disney / not bootleg...
  7. PinPuff

    Sold/Ended: Mickey Food Pins

    Searching for the orange juice ONLY from this set (83245) the coffee ONLY from this set (83250 ) this popcorn pin (77151) Both of these (83251) And both of these (77153) I've been searching for these for a while, but the ebay prices tend to be crazy, especially for just old rack...
  8. starry_solo

    WIR Pinsgiving Event - November 18, 2018 - Your Haul, Thoughts & More!

    Since we are just four weeks away from the Wreck-it-Ralph Pinsgiving Event at the Disneyland Hotel, I thought I would start a thread here in "Event Coverage." DPF members can post live event photos live from the event here or on the Disney Pin Forum Facebook page when I create a posting on the...
  9. S

    Sold/Ended: Not So Scary Mystery Box Pins

    I'm trading the Not So Scary Halloween mystery box pins. My pinpics ID : Famous_Monsters. I am looking for the Big Bad Wolf Halloween mystery pin as well as ghosts, skeleton dance, haunted mansion.
  10. HyenaDip

    Haunted Mansion Stretching Portrait Quality Difference?

    I'm not quite sure what's going on here. Iv'e found some listings for #124244 where the quality of the frame is far superior to any of the typical search results. Compared to the frame of the usual search results. Was there a change in production at some point. Or is there something else...
  11. S

    Sold/Ended: Lonesome Ghosts & Other Pins

    I want to expand my Lonesome Ghosts pin collection! I am looking for any LE, OE, PODM. Also Searching for Pin Pics # 31997 WDW- Silly Symphony 75th Anniversary Pin Pics # 72578 - Silly Symphonies 80th Anniversary Set - Skeleton Dance Only Pin Pics # 7293 M & P - 100...
  12. HyenaDip

    Pin Posts.

    Iv'e been curious about one specific thing, Is there any sort of collector's pin out there with an insane amount of supporting pin posts. Or do they typically cap off at just two?. And just for curiosities sake, Is there any specific pins in your collection that you feel could benefit from...
  13. PintheraSarah

    Sold/Ended: Stella Lou Collection

    I thought I could handle collecting two of the Duffy friends but they come out with far too many pins! I've decided to focus on Gelatoni so I'm looking to re-home my Stella Lou pins. Prices are on the photo and based off a combo of ebay and what I paid for them. I've also added some other Duffy...
  14. BugzNelson

    Question on Mad Tea Party Pin???? 2004 vs 2008?

    I was looking to sell this Alice in Wonderland Pin with Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the March Hare in a purply pink tea cup with the Cheshire Cat below. It says "the Mad Tea Party" and then Disneyland in small print. While researching price I thought I found this same pin, but there was one...
  15. Brooklynn Nicole

    Hello from Utah

    Hi there! My name is Brooke and I am from Utah. I just barely decided to take the plunge and start my collection. That being said, my "collection" is puny (5 Pins) and I know nothing about pins. I just know basic trading etiquette that is easy to find via google. Any tips or insider knowledge...
  16. S

    Sold/Ended: ISO Disney Auctions - Halloween Poster Set

    Looking for pinpics # 25682 Halloween pin set. Either as a set or individual. Pin 25716 Disney Auctions - Halloween Poster Set (Minnie Mouse) Pin 25716 Disney Auctions - Halloween Poster Set (Minnie Mouse) Pin 25717 Disney Auctions - Halloween Poster Set (Mickey Mouse) Pin 25683 Disney...
  17. T

    Hello From Oregon USA

    Hi, I was told I could join here (I was already joined lol). I am looking for someone to purchase WDW pins. If someone could let me know, I would appreciate it. Terra
  18. S

    Disney Family Museum

    Way late! But better late than never I guess..!.Did the Walt Disney Family Museum have any new Halloween pins this year?
  19. Carlosar33

    Sold/Ended: Disney Pins for Sale! Starting at $10.

    Updated 11/09 Cross Posted on facebook and Instagram. Please message me and comment if you see anything you like. Shipping is $3 flat rate ($8 International)
  20. Rvaya

    My Kickstarter is live to Launch 5sizes2small Pins!

    Hey guys, I finally did it and launched my first kickstarter! It's running through October 29th. If you could stop by, join, or spread the word I'd greatly appreciate it! I'm turning my own artwork into pins...