robin hood

  1. Tallie29

    Difference between these two series

    Hi everyone~ I wanted to know if anyone could tell me the difference between the 'Century of Dreams' and the 'Countdown to the millennium 2000' pins? I think Century is from Japan but is there anyway to tell them apart? Please and thank you!
  2. WDW Travels


    Hi All, Totally new to this forum, but have been pin trading here and there since 2000. The main character I collect is Stitch, but I'm always looking for cool special editions pins and my hubby is always looking for anything Robin Hood. Glad to be a part of the community and look forward to...
  3. NChouser

    For Sale: Robin Hood, Fox and The Hound plus MORE!! CHECK IT OUT!!

    Hello everyone!! I am selling off some of my collection to focus on the bigger pins from my 2 favorite movies! Pins for Sale (or trade if you have Robin Hood/Fox and the Hound pins) - SOLD OUT Grab Bag of 5 Pins [2 lots available] - $15 + $3 Shipping <-- due to it being 5 pins ALL PRICES...
  4. B

    Sold/Ended: Robin Hood OE

    So I have seen the open edition Robin Hood on the park app for a while amd then when we were at WDW a few weeks back nobody had it in stock. Now its back on the park app. Does anyone who frequent WDW remember seeing this? Would amyone be willing to pick one up if i compensated you?thank you!
  5. watzshakinbacon

    Sold/Ended: WDI Heart Series -Love Goes On - Ends Sun, Feb 11 @ 6pm Pacific

    Sharing the wealth with my DPFam! I'm auctioning off Robin Hood pin. It's really nice, and I'm hoping it can go to a good home just in time for Valentine's Day [emoji6] LE 250 Size: 2.5" x 2.5" ENDS Sun, Feb 11 @ 6PM Pacific!! I would like to exchange pics that night so I can mail out...
  6. Rvaya

    So happy! Redbubble Alan-A-Dale Design on fire!

    There aren't a lot of people to share something like this with and care xD I make designs that I sell through RedBubble, society6, they are made to order sites which I know don't get me the most back but at least it's something, right? I have this Alan-A-Dale design I did for my YouTube...
  7. piratecris

    Looking for Robin Hood

    I am looking for Robin Hood pins. I am not looking to go on ebay please do not direct me there. I check those daily. I am looking for other pin traders to help me find some of the ones that I would like for my collection. I am not trying to have every Robin Hood pin that is out there. I am...
  8. piratecris

    Looking for pins to add to my Robin Hood collection HELP

    I am looking for Robin Hood pins for my collection. I have all the ptd's so far other then the Sheriff and Skippy. Also looking for non ptd pins, please let me know if you have any you don't want in your collection. Thank you!!
  9. piratecris

    Please help me find Skippy

    I am looking for a Skippy ptd that is reasonable. I can't pay what the bay is asking, too rich for my blood. :(
  10. ckuhrt21

    Looking for Sir Hiss PTD from DSF

    Looking for the Sir Hiss Pin Trader Delight Pin. Would rather buy from on here than on the bay. Also welcome trade offers. I would be forever grateful! Send me a PM! Thanks!
  11. ILoveLEPins

    Valentines Chocolate Box Set

    Hello DPF! I will be attending the release this weekend and i am selling one set. The price for the set is $225. [/IMG] Co-Ops are accepted but all 4 pins must be spoken and paid for before any shipping will take place so make sure to communicate with your Co-Op peoples :) If you wish to...
  12. Cheryl

    Hi there, fellow pin traders!

    Hello everyone! My name is Cheryl. I've been trading around DLR on and off since 2008. I've been trading at the parks nonstop this summer, but I don't find too many avid pin traders around when I'm there. I'm hoping DPF will help me with my difficult Robin Hood, Pocahontas, and Simba...
  13. DisneyMad

    Robin Hood Puppet Show Pin LE 150.

    There's a robin hood puppet show pin on eBay current bid is £10.50/$16. Anyone want me to bid on it for them? Please comment below or pm me if you do and how much I should go up to. If we do win it please send me the amount via PayPal so then I can pay. I won't charge extra, and il post it to...