2021 Disney Heroes vs. Villains An Epic Showdown


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I would assume pretty much everything except for the LE250/300 boxed sets would still be available. People were pretty much getting everything they wanted even into their 5th RSPs, and on top of that in the email with our results it said we can all request three more boxes of Epic Showdown and four more each of the Heads or Tails and Sidekicks mystery boxes which means they had TONS left over. Plus there's going to be lots more coming available soon as people prune their RSP lists and drop pins that either they couldn't resell or were duplicates for friends or for people who didn't understand the RSP process and just signed up for everything.

Not sure how signing up for the event after the RSP works, if you are even able to order pins and if it's a straight order form based on what is left over or a modified type of RSP or what.
Hmmm, I'm wondering too.

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It was supposed to be end of October, but I think they weren't prepared for the number of cancellations from RSPs. I'm hoping they go out soon.


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Crickets over here too. No updates on when I’ll receive my package. Harumph!

Update: just got my email, Friday….ugh…

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