2021 Disney Heroes vs. Villains An Epic Showdown


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Ugh. So Disney shipped the pins by UPS on 11/5 Signature required but I didn't receive an e-mail with the tracking number (either from Disney or UPS) until this afternoon (11/10). UPS tried to deliver yesterday (11/9) while we were out running errands and left a sticker on the door with both "We'll re-attempt to deliver tomorrow" and "we'll deliver tomorrow to a nearby UPS Access Point." options checked. My wife had to stay at home most of the day today afraid that UPS would arrive and we'd miss it again. Turns out the package has been sitting at our local UPS store since 8 am this morning (but we couldn't have known, since I didn't get the e-mail until 2:20 pm) I don't understand why the delivery notification e-mail didn't go out the same day that they shipped. Not sure if its Disney or UPS to blame, but its not good.