2022 Limited Edition Dolls


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Snow is my fave princess (despite my id name and pic). I love her face - love it. It's designer - no enormo eyes, not cartoony, not teenie-bop looking. The crown? Burger Kingish, why and no. The magic mirror snakes and dagger through heart belt buckle? Evil Queen accessories....trying to look bad-girlish? Don't think any of the other princesses are wearing nemesis gear. Red ruffle makes me think of Queen of Hearts.....come to think of it so does the Burger King crown....no again. What I like is the off cream color when it comes to Snow getting away from the yellow/blue/red. The Premier Doll and the D23 Couples (le 600 one) put her in that color and I do like it. Wish the base of her dress continued in cream instead of that yellow. Looks like Belle ball dress and winter coat. I'd say maybe take the coat off but then she might look like she's going to a rodeo....can't tell if she has an embroidered shirt or not. Eh, I'm on the fence as I love her face and big 70's looking hot roller hair.