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I don’t think the new Marketplace works. I’ve seen multiple people mention not being able to see things so I’m pretty sure it’s not just me.

When someone creates a Marketplace item, it creates a thread. The first post in the thread looks like this:


So you can’t see anything there you just get the “Read more...” link. When you click the read more link or just enter via the Marketplace tab, you get this:


Nice big yellow box of you can’t see this.

This part may just by me or may be related to the big yellow box preventing me from accessing information, but when I go to the Marketplace tab, I can’t see any images so it is largely useless for browsing.


I’m assuming that those big white spots are supposed to show the images from the post, because that happened once (with a Stitch Crashes pin).

So people are going through the work of creating these new Marketplace things then going to the thread and redoing everything in the old way anyway and that’s the only thing others can see. Right now the Marketplace seems more like a waste of time to duplicate effort for no benefit than anything, but perhaps this is just because of bugs that can be fixed and once fixed so it is working as intended it will be great.

I’d honestly just rather have the old simple way of doing it back.

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So that’s what I tried to explain above after I created a test sale thread - you have to upload an image specifically to appear in that “preview” box in the Marketplace but then can put a separate image in the description to have it displayed when the link is clicked. I’m not an admin - just an active participant - but if it would be helpful to people I’m happy to create more of a step-by-step guide about how to create a successful sale thread in the new marketplace. Just need to know best place to put my post so it’s read.

Does that just solve the no image on the marketplace tab (which is good to know is solvable) or does it also do something about the other, more important, issue of everyone not being able to see the full contents of a longer text marketplace post? I tried checking your test posts to see for myself, but the couple I saw just looked to have an image in them no text, so maybe weren’t long enough to trigger the yellow box cut off.


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So I think the reason my image showed is I uploaded straight into the description - it was not linked to an external site. Haven’t confirmed that - I just know the steps to definitely not get the error (I admit there is one broken link on my description page test - but that’s because I deleted the picture to test something, re-added the picture but the page link had already been created... so that error is avoidable). Would it be helpful if I just create a separate thread and post a complete set of step by step instructions? (I think even cicada’s instructions are actually just a post somewhere in this long thread).

I didn’t want to do that initially, because I was under the impression we were seeing if the new format worked, but now I’m getting the sense that this is what it is. I just want to help make is easier for folks because I know personally, I have both bought and traded from some of the bulk listings so clarity on creating new marketplace threads helps us all.


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I also am unable to see the Marketplace posts. However, since others are mentioning the "Marketplace Tab." I don't have this. I only can see the "Marketplace" when I am logged out. As soon as I login, the tab goes away.
@hopemax -- are you able to see it now? I think this may have been a permission(s) issue.