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DPF Member Cheat Sheet 3.0

DPF Member Cheat Sheet 3.0


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Since the last cheat sheet was lost in the hack of the first quarter of 2021, I figured it is past time to restart this. The purpose of this thread is to provide an easily accessible list of our members, including such useful information as their real (first only) names, user handles on pin trading databases used, and their general locations. Participation in this list always has been and remains completely optional but encouraged, as it facilitates trades, zaps, and casual communication around the forum and in live chat.

One of the changes (upgrades?) from 2.0 to 3.0 that you will notice is that the pin trading databases will not just be limited to PinPics and PTDB. If a platform facilitates pin trading (not sales at this point), it is eligible for inclusion. When you submit your entry, include any and all databases and corresponding handles; they will be added in your listing along with your DPF screen name, real name, and location. Additionally, all databases included in the registry will be listed here, in the opening post.

PTDB (Pin Trader Database)
PinTrader App
Collectible Pin Trader
Pin Trading Club
Pin & Pop
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bcol (Bruce)
Databases: PinPics - mupins; PTDB - mupins
Location: New Jersey (central, shore)


Name: CanaDaLE (Tina)
Databases: PinPics - CanaDaLE
Location: Canada

Name: coblj003 (Jim)
Databases: PinPics - coblj003; PTDB - coblj003
Location: So Il/St. Louis, MO

Name: Connies_Hobby (Connie)
Databases: PinPics - crginoc2001
Location: California

Name: cyke23 (Jeff)
Databases: PinPics - cyke23; PTDB - cyke23; Pin&Pop - cyke23
Location: San Francisco, CA


Name: DecemberWishes (Brianna)
Databases: PinPics - DecemberWishes; PTDB - DecemberWishes; Pin Trading Club - DecemberWishes
Location: Southern California

Name: Disneychildwithin (Lucy)
Databases: PinPics - Disneychildwithin
Champaign, IL (Middle Earth)


Name: echoharmony (Echo)
Databases: PinPics - echoharmony
Location: Orange County, CA


Name: ffpoke (Alex)
Databases: PinPics - ffpoke; PTDB - ffpoke;
hobbydb - ffpoke
Location: Orange County, CA

Name: firechief18 (Jim)
Databases: PinPics - Firechief18; PTDB - Firechief18
Location: Kathleen, FL

Name: fuzzybunny (Linda)
Databases: PinPics -
fuzzybunny; PTDB - fuzzybunny
Location: Pennsylvania


Name: GreyWyvern (Brian)
Databases: PinPics - GreyWyvern; PTDB - GreyWyvern
Location: Ontario, Canada

Name: GroguFan (Sarah)
Databases: PinPics - stratasfan; PTDB - stratasfan
Location: Mid-Ohio
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Location: Southern California

Name: Iluvdisney83 (Jennifer)
Database(s): PinPics - iluvdisney83; PTDB - iluvdisney83
Location: New Jersey

Name: ItzaPinfan (Itza)
Database(s): PinPics - itzapinstasticlife
Location: Castro Valley, CA (SF Bay Area)



Name: Kevin (Kevin)
Database(s): PinPics - KevinEnn
Location: Huntington Beach, CA

Name: krand1276 (Katherine)
Database(s): PinPics - krand1276
Location: Mount Vernon, WA

Name: Ksnuggles (Kristina)
Database(s): PinPics and PTDB- ksnuggles
Location: San Jacinto, CA


lionheart (Meg)
Database(s): PinPics - lionhearts; PTDB - lionheart
Location: Michigan


Name: Mcgilligan (John)
Database(s): PinPics - Mcgilligan; PTDB - Mcgilligan
Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California
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Name: nateeter (Tasha/Natasha)
Databases: PinPics - nateeter; PTDB - nateeter; Pinventory - nateeter; PinTrader App- nateeter
Location: North Richland Hills, TX






Name: ShangHaipinpal (Evan)
Databases: PinPics - Evans
Location: Shanghai China

Name: Shelterkat (Dawn)
Databases: PinPics - Shelterkat
Location: Southern California

Name: Sithathoriunet (Birgitte)
Databases: PinPics - Sithathoriunet; PTDB - Sithathoriunet; Pin&Pop - Sithathoriunet
Location: Northern Utah

Name: Snoffsan (Elin)
Databases: PinPics - Snoffsan
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Name: SoraPandora
Databases: PinPics - SoraPandora
Location: South Orange County, California

Name: speedwaystar1
Databases: PinPics - Speedwaystar1; PTDB - Speedwaystar1
Location: UK

Name: splashmtnman (Steve)
Databases: PinPics - splashmtnman; PTDB - splashmtnman
Location: WDW (Apopka, FL)

Name: stratasfan (Elizabeth)
Databases: PinPics - stratasfan; PTDB - stratasfan
Location: Mid-Ohio
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Name: TheMickeyMouseRules
Databases: PinPics - TheMickeyMouseRules; PTDB - TheMickeyMouseRules; Pinventory - TheMickeyMouseRules; PinTrader App/Collectible Pin Trader: TheMickeyMouseRules; Pin&Pop - themickeymouserules
Location: New Mexico

Name: TiggerSue (Sue)
Databases: PinPics - FLTiggerSue; PTDB - FLTiggerSue
Location: Satsuma, FL

Name: timeerkat (Tessa)
Databases: PinPics - timeerkat; PTDB - timeerkat; Pin&Pop - timeerkat
Location: Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley area, CA

Name: TonkaToy (Nina)
Databases: PinPics - TonkaToy; PTDB - TonkaToy
Location: Arizona, USA



Name: vans4bkah (Bob)
Databases: PinPics - vans4bkah; PTDB - vans4bkah
Location: Center of California


Name: watzshakinbacon (Erin)
Databases: PinPics - watzshakinbacon; PTDB - watzshakinbacon
Location: Los Angeles, CA




Name: zombiereign (Aaron)
Databases: PinTrader App - zombiereign
Location: Maryland

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Natasha (Tasha)
PinPics- nateeter
PTDB- nateeter
Pinventory- nateeter
PinTrader App- nateeter
North Richland Hills, TX

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley area, CA
Pinpics: timeerkat
PTDB: timeerkat (though this is woefully out of date)
Everyone has been added up to this point. If at any time any part of your entry changes, please notify me by making a new post in this thread. Please do not go back and edit your original post as I almost certainly will not see it.
Thanks for restarting this list! (BTW . . . anyone know how to find and join Pinventory?) I'm listing Sis and myself, as we share pin accounts on the databases, but that why both DPF usernames will show up!

Name: stratasfan (Elizabeth)
Databases: PinPics - stratasfan; PTDB - stratasfan
Location: Mid- Ohio

Name: GroguFan (Sarah)
Databases: PinPics - stratasfan; PTDB - stratasfan
Location: Mid- Ohio