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DPF Member Cheat Sheet 3.0

DPF Member Cheat Sheet 3.0
Thanks for restarting this list! (BTW . . . anyone know how to find and join Pinventory?) I'm listing Sis and myself, as we share pin accounts on the databases, but that why both DPF usernames will show up!

Name: stratasfan (Elizabeth)
Databases: PinPics - stratasfan; PTDB - stratasfan
Location: Mid- Ohio

Name: GroguFan (Sarah)
Databases: PinPics - stratasfan; PTDB - stratasfan
Location: Mid- Ohio
I was, and am, more than happy to restart and maintain the list. I think it's a great resource for the community. Both you and your sister have been added; I don't know how to find and join Pinventory, unfortunately, but I'm hoping someone here does. When you do figure it out, please post again with your handles so I can update your entries and add Pinventory to the included databases in the OP.
PinPics: TheMickeyMouseRules
PTDB (Pin Trader Database): TheMickeyMouseRules
Pinventory: TheMickeyMouseRules
PinTrader App/Collectible Pin Trader: TheMickeyMouseRules
Pin Trading Club: None

Location: New Mexico, USA
Name: TiggerSue (Sue)
Database(s): PinPics - FLTiggerSue, PTDB - FLTiggerSue
Location: Satsuma, FL (3 hrs from WDW)
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Name: Meg

Pinpics: lionhearts
Disney pin trading database: lionheart

Neither are up to date but I'm planning on working on it in the new year.

Location: Michigan
The list has been updated to this point! :)
Name: Erin

Databases: pinpics, Disney pin trading database

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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Since you didn't include your user handle(s) for your pin trading databases, I figured they're the same as the one you use here on DPF and you were just letting me know which databases you use. If that isn't the case, please let me know and I'll correct your entry. :)