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DSF/DSSH DSSH Surprise Releases

DSF/DSSH DSSH Surprise Releases


11 am PT
What are the surprise releases?? I heard Lightyear but I need pics!
I can't decide if I want something from my collections to be in here since Halloween is my favorite holiday and would love to see what they do with any of those characters' costumes, or if I want nothing from my collections so I am safe from spending more money on pins right now....
These are very cute pins - I do like the Donald but I'm ok if it's a release that's only specific to CA. I don't think they've stated yet if it's exclusive or wide correct?
I wonder if this will be in place of the usual NBC set. If so, will it be the first year in a while without an NBC set?
I feel like the last few surprise releases there has been a second one that they didn't show in the instagram/facebook posting...fingers crossed!
Curious...does just putting in a CA address work, or do they look at your CC billing address? Has anyone tried?

I'm in the queue. If it works, anyone in CA want to go in with me?
Ha! Nevermind...I'm, like, 4,600+ in line. LOL.

Still curious, though, as to whether or not an address is fine, or if they check the payment address, so if anyone has that answer, please share!