Trading: Five pin exchange


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Thanks to @Pinfun for sending some fun pins my way!

Here's what I traded for:


Fun fact - 2 of these pins represent costumes I wore to MNSSHP!

Pins are on their way to @Poohlady5.

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I am enjoying seeing what people pull.


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Here are the pins we got! Sooooooooo excited about the Fennic pin! I've really wanted a Fennic pin, but didn't like the LR one they had out, so was waiting! No idea where this one came from, but I really like it! And the Minnie and Mickey . . . such fun and Merida! I really wanted to get Merida, too! So many thanks for the fun trading!



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The bundle of pins was awesome!! We loved seeing what was available and to mix up some traders (along with a few ISOs) we decided to pick out these. I hope the next person enjoys the surprises we put in!! Thanks for including us!

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Nice pins :0)


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I did my exchange today! I am so happy with what I got! I've wanted that castle FOREVER and my two other main collections are Alice and Cinderella!

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Yeah!! We pulled great pins so it’s fun to include pins that others would enjoy too! This traveling pin swap has been so much fun to follow and be a part of!