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Baby Yoda Crazy!
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Let's try another bump. Then I might have to try tagging some folks. Who doesn't want to have fun?


Let's party like its 2019.
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This is always such a great and fun game! I know some of the folks I list below aren't the most active on the boards, but it really doesn't take much to play the game. You can participate as much or as little as you want since you'll get points from the random spin regardless. So just pick and choose what you want to participate in and have a good time! And if you do want to strive to win, I can assure you that Canadale comes up with some AMAZING prizes! (No pressure Tina!)

Members I can think of offhand that I don't see on the list yet include @TheMickeyMouseRules @Disneychildwithin @bcol @DisneyJ @Chusaurus @pincrazy @splashmtnman @SplashMtRider23 @summerskin @Addicted to Alice Pins @Haunted575 @CCofRR13 @Connies_Hobby @MerlinEmrys @PinTraderSam @stitchismyspiritanimal @echan50 @echoharmony @disneykins @momin.ator @hopemax @cyke23 @HoHumTr8d3r @LittleBird @starry_solo @maiarebecca @krand1276 @Poohlady5 @figment919 @nateeter @curiousdinah @curiouslittleoyster @Pibbman @Randakinskywalker @Rick195275 @slbrabham @Snoffsan @timeerkat @tiffychann @pretty_Omi

Come join us!

And my apologies to anyone that slipped my mind!!