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It's Been A While

It's Been A While


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It's been years but after being reminded of the forum, I figured it was time to hop back on and say hello. I don't collect pins like I used to, but I still have my main collections and end up bringing pins home after every Disney trip. I remember the good ol' days of staying up for midnight Disney Store online releases- chatting in the DizPins chat room to see who was able to buy the pins before they sold out.

I see some familiar names and some new ones. Pin trading/collecting has definitely changed the past few years. I'll admit not all for the best but I still get excited when I add a new pin to the collection or to my Star Wars pin vest. DSF pin releases were a wild time, though I don't miss the smell of the alley. But I do miss spending time with fellow collectors and friends while we waited for the release.

I'll try to hop on here more frequently so see how things are going. Hope you're all doing well.
Welcome Back!

Yep, a lot of pin trading has changed, but some of us are still here. Hoping to revitalize a little part of the old days, as a counterpoint to everything else.
Hey Alex, miss hanging out with you in the dirty alley of the Disney Soda Fountain for hours with the other Social Pinfits!

Oh that dirty alley. The smells, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the cold weather, the free chocolate, the fights, the smell, the pins, the smell, the lack of sleep. Those were good times. I really enjoyed those releases and miss hanging with you folks in line!
Welcome back, been a long time. Oh that alley brings back so many memories. The 8 hr drive down, parking at 4 am and having to move the car every 4 hrs or so. Fun times!

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Welcome Back.

I could help but chuckle at this..."DSF pin releases were a wild time, though I don't miss the smell of the alley."

Hope life is treating you and yours, Well.

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I feel like we paid our dues by waiting in that alley for those pins. I didn't always get a lucky draw, but I never left empty handed! Even if it was just a handful of chocolate samples!