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Auction Ended: My First Auction! Complete Set of (6) Vinylmation 3 inch Figures....super cute!

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Auction Ended: My First Auction! Complete Set of (6) Vinylmation 3 inch Figures....super cute!


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Alrighty folks....LOVE this forum and the idea of auctions so I am giving this a go! Please be gentle! I have 6...count em' 6 brand new, still in their box Vinylmation figures. They are the complete "So Tasty" set...they even smell like they are designed. (Buttered popcorn, anyone??) They retailed for $12.95 EACH and still have the price tag on them!

Rules...same auction rules apply...no cash, pins only please :)

I will close the bidding at 9pm EASTERN STANDARD TIME Monday night, October 22nd.

Anything from my "wants" is great, but doesn't have to be from the list...I collect Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Toy Story, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Finding Nemo (to name a few)

Did I miss something? Let me know! Let the bidding commence!







I will start this off..

Pin 969: Toy Story Slinky Dog (Paint Error)
Pin 82138: Vinylmation Mystery Pin Pack - Vinylmation Jr #1- Music Notes (Chaser) Only
Pin 83888: Vinylmation Jr #2 Mystery Pin Pack - Woody Only
Yeah! My first bid! This is exciting!!!! I forgot to change my "wants" with the slinky dog...it was one of my first trades on here...I just got it...so I now updated my pinpics account (I thought I had edited it, but I guess not!)...but that's okay, when my son saw that I got it in the mail he wanted it too :)

Thanks for the bid! When I get more I will post a leaderboard!!
Mylittleguy - are you auctioning these as a whole set? Or do you want bids for the set vs. each individual one?
I will add these three to my trade offer
Pin 90190: Disney's Best Friends - Mystery Pack - Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa Only
Pin 86556: Mickey Mouse Icon Mystery Pouch - Sally Only

Pin 90197: Disney's Best Friends - Mystery Pack - Bambi and Thumper Only
I would like to add to my bid of these all from your wants

adding from your wants

add going by what you have in your collection but not from your wants, I offer these as well

I really want these vinyls!
I will start with:::::

Pin 85371: Vinylmation(TM) Collectors Set - Animation - Pinocchio OnlyPin 85372: Vinylmation(TM) Collectors Set - Animation - Naveen Only
Pin 85373: Vinylmation(TM) Collectors Set - Animation - Aladdin Only
Pin 85375: Vinylmation(TM) Collectors Set - Animation - Marie Only
Pin 85376: Vinylmation(TM) Collectors Set - Animation - Mushu Only
Pin 85378: Vinylmation(TM) Collectors Set - Animation - Phil Chaser Only
Pin 85380: Vinylmation(TM) Collectors Set - Animation - Fairy Godmother Chaser Only
Pin 69878: Mystery Box Set - Heroes vs Villains Mystery Set - Scar Only
Pin 65469: DLR - 2008 Hidden Mickey Series - Bowling Pin Villains - Maleficent
Pin 85510: DLR - 2011 Hidden Mickey Series - T-Shirt Collection - Cleo
Pin 85650: DLR - 2011 Hidden Mickey Series - T-Shirt Collection - Ursula

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