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Hi everybody :wavey:

First off, a quick update on Alex (Zagales14). As some of you know he is a newly minted attorney. He got very frustrated at the law firm he was working for as they were not doing things on the up and up. He decided to open his own law firm which has been a major task. So all of his time is being spent getting it up and going. As a result he has not had time to do his 52 weeks of zapping. Yes I was jealous that I didn't think of it first. So I asked him if I could take it up in his place. Being the great guy that he is here is what he said "As for 52 weeks -- I do know you would have liked to come up with the idea, haha! Unfortunately, I have been in complete absence from the pin world and unable to continue it for the time being, so please, go ahead and take over if you so wish. Anything for the betterment and added joy to the community!"

So with that I am announcing a new 52 weeks of zapping.

This is from his original post:
DPF Members,

It is with great enthusiasm that I can today announce the commencement of fifty-two straight weeks of surprise zapping to a wide variety of DPF members and pin traders alike!!!

I can't express how excited I am to be able to do something like this for a community that is so inspiring, generous, and supportive of everyone!!

The goal of this "project" is two-fold; a) to zap members who have not been zapped, or have rarely been zapped, and help them grow their collection, which in turn, will directly help the growth of the hobby's community, and b) to zap those members who often spend their time, money, and pins zapping others, but rarely receive a show of appreciation through a zap in return.

Here is what I need from you, the rest of this month and all of February I will be taking nominations of people to be zapped. March 1st I will send out the first zap and then send an additional zap out each week thereafter for a full year. If you have it and you know it is current please also send me your nominations address. I would hate to send a zap to an address where the person no longer lives. Of course if people were to just send me their own addresses so I can be sure to keep my address book updated and current I wouldn't mind that either. It is also a good idea to send addresses to Judy (tiggermickey) as she also has a master address list. If you don't want your address given out to other people for zapping purposes only then please lmk. I never give out addresses for anything other then zapping!!!

Let's have some fun and please start sending me your nominations!!!

#1 Zagales14 received
#2 Snow received
#3 SiuJerkJai received
#4 cjvandever received
#5 fuzzybunny received
#6 maxtrexmom received
#7 bjean received
#8 tbird received
#9 recieved Natelove
#10 Jrdnsmom received in person
#11 Bradley J received
#12 caw caw rawr received
#13 sent overseas
#14 liveinnightcity received
#15 lynn99 received
#16 cmr626 received way to late, thank you post office
#17 Vixy received
#18 HiddenMickeys received
#19 DaWny received
#20 moorhunhe received
#21 pdgurl received
#22 Romancing_Train received
#23 starry_solo received
#24 chubs191 receiveed
#25 ksnuggles received
#26 being mailed 9/6/15 half way mark

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You can certainly count me in :)
I'm planning on sending out a few zaps myself later this year , I'm running a bit low on Disney bits & pieces at the moment but after my WDW trip I'll be in a much better position to spread the joy .


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I agree with Speedway
My extra/trade collection is low but hopefully with the trip to WDW we're planning in the spring I can pick up some goodwill swag to send to people from that.


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YAYY!!! Way to go, David! This seems right up your alley. I'll be sending my nominations later. :)

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I would like to wish Alex the best of luck with his new endeavor...I know he will succeed, he is an incredible person and I am sure an exceptional attorney! :bigthumb: I am sending him lots of positive thoughts, pixie dust and keeping Alex and his family in my prayers! :D

David my friend...I could not imagine anyone better than you to take this over for Alex while he is focusing on his career! As is Alex, you are one of a group of members on here who I feel are true angels in this world!!! I am sure you all spread the same love and joy to the rest of the world as you do with the members of this forum! You share so many gifts with us, not only in the form of zaps, but your knowledge and wisdom, kindness, and a bit of your heart! Thank you!!! :hug: You, and the rest of this group of fine people, have some of the biggest hearts on this earth!

I will be sending over a list of nominations for you I am sure! :D


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That's very nice of you David!!! Always brining so much joy to the community! And what an exciting time for Alex! Best of luck to him!!!

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Thanx to broncobilly for sticky posting this for me. I will be taking nominations throughout next month and then the zapping will begin.


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In case I have not mentioned this, I do not care if the person you nominate is overseas. I want to spread the joy all over the world!!! If they are a member here they are family and eligible!!!


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Getting excited here, just a few more days and first weekly zap goes out.

Any other nominations? Oh and you can continue to nominate people after this starts. So if you see somebody having a rough time or doing good things for others, lmk!!!


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Okay package #1 is all ready to go into tomorrow's mail. When there is a package going international I will post that next to the # of the week it went.

Please when you receive your package post here and let everybody know what you received. I know life can be busy, but it only takes a couple of minutes to post and then we know you have received your package.