Patience is a Virtue (Never need a pin that bad!)

Discussion in 'Pin Guides & FAQs' started by iamdisneydan, Oct 21, 2010.

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    This is a good reminder to me. Thank you for reactivating it.
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    Just found this post by searching 'worst mistake' and there are some really great responses. I think the same advice certainly hasn't changed with time.

    I used to only ask for trades with people of what I thought was equal so a DLP cast lanyard pin for one of the same type. I've gotten some really great trades by finally just clicking on what I'd really like in exchange vs thinking the other person won't think it's a comparable trade.

    I've also kept trying to trade with little for ages and nothing comes of it. I wish they would just tell me what they value it at and if we could do multiple pins for the one in wanting but I hate not knowing why they refused.

    But great post even if I'm bumping it out of the archives its a good one for newer members too.
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    Thanks for the bump! This is great information for newbies. I took a peek at ebay and about died! One pin we were very luck to purchase in July 2012 was the Tinkerbell Birthday Key for March. (March is a big b-day month in my family) During my search for other months of the same design (I have a thing for Keys, Locks, and Doors) I noticed some pins offered for hundreds of dollars, but there were also others in the $40-$60 range. I actually caught myself considering those prices! Maybe at some point down the road I will have enough money at the end of the month to spend $60 on one pin, but for now I appreciate knowing that patientence pays off!
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    I have sadly paid hundreds of dollars for pins that weren't even worth $50, (partially because i tend to binge buy my pins) and it always makes me dislike the pins once i get them, i hate looking at a piece i paid $200 in an auction for because i couldn't wait for another seller to post their's for $25 (buy it now) the very next day. It is a hard lesson to learn but it makes you a better trader in the long run i'd say. Though avoiding having to learn this lesson all together is always good to :)

    Edit: additionally i just found out that very same pin was a scrapper... in my need to get it now i neglected to really look at the pin i was buying (i was very young and not aware of the scrappers being a thing) now when i look at that pin i am reminded that I need to be careful.
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    Thank you so much for sharing!
  6. Coby

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    This was a great read and I'm going to keep coming back to this thread for reassurance that patience will hopefully pay off. I've been impatient in the past and overpaid on eBay for pins which are now listed for less. Thank you for writing this up and to all who have contributed to the thread. :)
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    Yes. It can be hard to wait. I once paid 40 dollars for a pin that sold for 20 dollars next month. Sometimes you will find sellers on eBay willing to sell for less than original cost or close to them. Be patient because getting a good deal makes the pin twice as exciting.
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    I love how this thread always seems to pop back up when I need it the most <3
  9. Ninpin

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    Absolutely! I've come close to buying one of my grails recently that I know I cannot afford right now - we really need this reminder to get bumped every so often, lol!
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    just saved money on purchasing a marquee ive been wanting, saw it at a fair price iMO (180) decided against it because i would rather trade for it, then last night snagged it on ebay for 45 BIN :D patience is key, and why I enjoy hunting down for pins, much more satisfaction when you get it for cheap/a good trade :D
  11. OswaldtheRabbit

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    As smeone who cant do as much trading as I would like, due to lack of oportunity, I see both sides of this. Ive been desperate to find a Piece of WDW History Sorcerer Mickey Hat since it was released, but have only ever found listings for it on ebay with tags upwards of $100. Somehow, against my urges, ive managed to wait it out, even though im still looking for one. However, I think its a very good point that waiting it out can lead to a much better experience overall.
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  13. Pecosace

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    This is a great lesson! Thank you for sharing your experience! A reminder to be patient through it all!

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