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Okay guys. We need to have a talk. XD what's this whole "Oh, let's RAK Merlin! It'll be great!" thing you guys have going on? Because all of you are crazy. And I love you. And I also know why I was getting some random questions from people lately.... BUT! I must say, I was extremely surprised to find I had been selected for Q2's RAK! And I am utterly blown away by everyone's kindness.

So, let's roll the footage.

First up we've got @summerskin who snuck hers in with my Secret Santa gift. At first I was like, "hrm, maybe she got the wrong memo. There's no way I'm getting RAKed again." so I decided to just set it aside. But when the rest came, I suppose my fate was just sealed! So I unsealed hers. XD


Suffice it to say, summerskin is a True Original and had a delightfully themed gift! Some Mickey jelly beans! Some other delicious treats which defy description (it's like a sort of chocolate marshmallow? It's delicious and weird XD). And this great Pin-Tiquities pin!! I traded mine a year or so ago and haven't been able to replace it, so this is awesome. :D defo not trading it away again. Fool me once and all that. XD Thank you so very much, Amanda :3 you just showered me with kindness and I can't express how much I appreciate it. :3 *super hug*

Next up, a big Ole package came from @Ksnuggles with lots of smaller packages inside. Veeeeery tricksy, just sending them all at once... I like it. XD

First one I pulled was from @LittleBird. Was I most excited because it means I get one of those awesome postcards? I'll let you guess (hint: it was). But not only do I get the card! Oh no, I get this great wee Mushu pin! :D


I have a feeling the Mulan from this pair is in your board, so it's totes like a BPFF (Best Pin Friend Forever) necklace. That's at least how I'm gonna interpret it. /nod you know I love you, but I'll say it again. ;P you da best, Kim! <3

Next envelope was from @Ajk and contained the fabulous dsf Genie pin from the live action set! I was so bummed that I didn't like Jafar's character and thus didn't want the pin, it kinda just took the wind out of my sails for this release. But after a bit, I really regretted not hunting for that Genie pin while the getting was good. BUT IT DON'T MATTER NOW! <3


Thank Aaron! <3 I really love it! :D so much cooler in person :D

Next package was from @timeerkat and I had this siiiiinking feeling I knew why our trades kept getting back-burnered..... I was right... BECAUSE SHE JUST ZAPPED THEM ALL TO ME!


LOOK! LOOK AT THIS CRAZY MEERKAT! FOUR PTDS!? ARE YOU INSANE! Not...not that it matters. Because... Well, you can't have them back... But still!! You are in trouble young lady! XD best be prepared when you come down for the event! XD But seriously, thank you!! <3 I was just showing Russ my spots for the Felicia and Fidget PTDs and agonizing over where Sugar Boy was gonna go in the case. And the Mim snake is one of my favorites! <3 and I love the bag too! Oh and the Pride Stickers!! THERE'S TOO MUCH IN HERE!! YOU'RE IN TROUBLE AGAIN!!

Ahem. Best move on.

There were also these little guys who, I honestly don't remember who sent them... It's all kind of a blur... But I do love them!! Especially little Steven!! <3


(I think it was you, Tessa. But I may be wrong...).

Finally, a big package all on its own popped up from @Shelterkat and I'm like "Oh she better not have..." But she did. As she does. And I do. Love it. So. Very. Much.




Even Russ was like "Oh damn. That's... Actually really amazing..."

Which it IS. Dawn, where does one even buy a personal Cave of Wonders!? This is too amazing. It's my offical night light in the bedroom. There was no discussion. It just happened. And my life is better for it. <3 you are incredibly too thoughtful. I can't wait to see you later this year!!! <3

Again, thank you all for this amazing kindness. I really love this community and it's gotten me through a lot over the years. <3 you're all so special, and I'm so thankful for you. :,3

But you're also all in trouble...


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That's all so awesome! I can't believe a certain meerkat sent you all those pins and the lamp is so cool! Congrats!

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A totally ROCKIN' RAK for a totally ROCKIN' WIZARD of spreading-the-Magic from WDW.

I enjoyed hearing about what Dawn was preparing to send you. She was so excited to find that Cave of Wonders light.

As for Miss timerrkat, her and I were just discussing yesterday, how she had to keep delaying the trade and hoped the package would arrive soon, because she didn't know how much longer she could hold out...lol.

And all the other Disney Love you received, again PROVES THE LOVE this community holds, and shares.

Each individual. This is more then a Hobby, it's a group of people spreading Kindness that comes genuinely from their hearts.

Bravo'... bravo'... bravo' to each one of you.

Oh, and Merlin...yes, you will be receiving A RAK gift from me too.

Can't let such a wonderful opportunity to pass, in acknowledging how much your hard work is 'beyond' appreciated, and amazed by.

Kristina..thank you for continuing to be dpf's RAK coordinator. We love you too.

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Congrats on all the great stuff! I'm glad you like the Genie. But I have to call out @pincrazy as she was very instrumental in getting it. It's from the both of us. But I guess somebody doesn't like putting her names on cards/taking any credit. :D


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Yahoo, I'm so glad you finally got it! Ha, @Connies_Hobby , our conversation was great timing! ;) As everyone else has said, it is very well-deserved. You've helped (and continue to help) so many people on this board and have enriched our community; the least we could do is send a small thank you for it.

To clarify - only two of those were your actual RAK present; the other two we had already traded for and they just went along for the ride. ;) And yes, the little Steven Universe figures were from me. I've been doing some housecleaning and don't have room for them myself, so I wanted to pass them to someone else who can appreciate them. (I need to catch up before the movie come out! The last I saw was the arc when Steven was up against the Diamonds.)

Way to go, everyone else! That Cave of Wonders lamp is spectacular! The Pintiquities Mickey pin is awesome, I've never seen that one before. LittleBird's postcards are always spectacular, and yay for pin BPFF-type sets! :) And yay for the Genie, too!


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Congratulations ! It couldn’t go to a better “wizard” in my eyes. You definitely deserve it

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Woof! Okay, now that the pin event is done I have a small breather to post those to her RAK attacks from @Connies_Hobby and @coblj003!!

Connie was so sweet and sent along, basically, a housewarming gift as her RAK! So many amazing goodies!


We've got a reusable bag from California Adventure! We've got letter hooks for said bags (one for Me and one for Russ!!)! We've got a bookie mug! <3 we've got beautiful coasters for our new dining bar (whose color schemes match!)! We've got Gummi bears for daaaaays (or at least a few hours....)! And a very sweet card inside of which were two trader pins I used to great success at the pin event. :D thank you soooo much Connie!! You're such a treasure. :3

Next up is the amazing package from coblJ!


There's so much fun stuff in here!! One of my favorites, which might be strange to say, is the Disney tear off calendar!! I've been low-key wanting one to just randomly include in packages and I love the little notes and quotes on them! So heckin good choice there! Then there's the Lady and the Tramp Blu Ray! I am ~so very close~ to owning all of the animated features on blu ray and it was incredibly sweet of you to knock another one off my list! I think that just leaves like 3! :D

Next up there's this crazy Lego stuff! I love it! I haven't done Legos in ages and it was so great. The yellow one is a Golden Snitch, which is just fantastic! I've hidden it around my room so whenever someone comes to visit, if they find it, they'll get a prize. XD and the Christmas tree, which I'll be putting together this Christmas as part of the decorating process! :D

Next, some sorcery! There's the adorable Sorcerer Mickey pin, which I love, and two Keychain packages featuring Mim and Meg!! I'm not sure how you guys keep getting the right packages.... Sorcery is really the only logical answer....

Finally we've for this great arcade Street Fighter pin display, which coblj repurposed as Wreck it Ralph XD, and the adorable (if disgruntled) Genie pin! Onto the board it shall go! :D and lastly, but not leastly, is this perfect print of the WiR book club scene as a "Thank you" for the Disney 52 challenge. :3 I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and I absolutely adore this print. XD it's so perfect!

Thank you both so incredibly much for your kindness. It means the world! And to all of you, you have thoroughly spoiled this poor wizard, and I love you all for it. :3 thank you so much. I am truly humbled <3

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Just when I thought I was all RAKed out, @SoraPandora goes and slides in a buzzer beater. ;P


She so sweetly sent me and Russ a gift card to go cool off in the heat and opted for tiny little gifties since we just moved and probably didn't want to clutter right away, hahah! <3 I love this Genie Pez dispenser! I don't know when the last time was I had Pez... She also included this adorbz Clawhauser button and this ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS book masking tape!! I shall use it so much!!

Thank you dear!! <3 you are always so sweet to me--and every one really! <3

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