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  1. maxtrexmom

    maxtrexmom Member

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    :D It's been a crazy stressful week and cooking/baking always makes me feel better! Oh, and sending people pins! SO lets do ALL of that in a pin game....:wiggle:
    Share your favorite recipe in this thread - it doesn't have to be an original, just anything you love to make and eat. Bonus if it's Disney themed but it doesn't have to be. I will pick my favorite and send a pin prize to the chef! Feel free to enter more than once if you can't decide which recipe to share. :D :D :D
  2. bvb53

    bvb53 Figment lover

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    OK, so I have a few that I love.

    If you're feeling healthy, but want to eat Disney, Make a Minnie bow!
    You will need 2 strawberries and a blueberry, and a toothpick

    First, Take your strawberries and take the stem out. *bonus life hack- use a straw and poke it through the middle, it removes the entire stem in one blow:)*
    Secondly, Cut the top off so it is flat.
    Thirdly, Poke a toothpick through the strawberry, the blueberry, then the other strawberry. Make sure the flat sides are facing out.

    It should look like >o<

    This takes about 1 minute each and it plain delicious:lol::);)
  3. bvb53

    bvb53 Figment lover

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    I know I will come up with a couple more, as my house is entirely disney!
  4. AshleyV

    AshleyV Well-Known Member

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    This is one of my go-to recipes these days, because it's fairly simple and doesn't take a lot of time or preparation. It's a tweaked version of the mini onion tarts they serve (or used to serve, I'm not sure) at Citricos in the Grand Floridian Resort.

    - 1 pastry pie shell (optional, as this can also be made crustless in a round pie pan)
    - 4 eggs
    - 2 tbsp. milk
    - 2 tbsp. heavy cream
    - 3 gloves garlic, minced
    - 1 onion, sliced
    - 1 cup blue cheese, crumbled
    - 1 cup goat cheese, crumbled
    - Oregano, to taste
    - Salt, to taste
    - White pepper, to taste

    1. Brown sliced onions in 1 tbsp. olive oil over medium heat until softened. Set aside.
    2. In a separate bowl, whisk eggs, cream, milk, minced garlic, and spices.
    3. Use a fork to poke holes in the unbaked pie shell and sprinkle with extra cheese. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 375 degrees.
    4. Remove pie shell from oven. Layer egg mixture, onions, and cheese in the tart until filled.
    5. Bake at 375 degrees for 40-45 minutes, or until the top of the tart is browned.

    Enjoy! :)
  5. Ventchick

    Ventchick The DPF Ventriloquist

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    This is one of my favorite desserts! Light, summery, sweet, & salty.... SO GOOD!

    Strawberry Pretzel Salad


    • 1 (6 oz) box Strawberry Jello
    • 2 cups boiling water
    • 2 cups crushed pretzels (I used the checker shaped ones but you can also use sticks)
    • ¾ cup butter, melted
    • 3 Tbsp. sugar
    • 8 oz. cream cheese, softened
    • ⅔ cup sugar
    • 8 oz. cool whip, thawed to room temperature
    • 3 cups strawberries, sliced


    1. Bring 2 cups of water to a boil. Remove from stove and add jello. Stir until Jello is dissolved. Allow jello to cool to room temperature.
    2. Combine melted butter and sugar. Stir in the crushed pretzels. Press evenly on the bottom of a 9x13 pan. Bake at 375 degrees F for 8 minutes. Let cool completely.
    3. In a large bowl, combine cream cheese, sugar, and cool whip. Beat until smooth. Spread over pretzel crust. Make sure to get the cream mixture tight against the edges of the pan to prevent the jello mixture from seeping through.
    4. Arrange sliced strawberries over the top of cream mixture.
    5. Pour cooled jello over cream layer and put in the fridge for at least 4 hours.
  6. timeerkat

    timeerkat Your Friend Who Likes To Play

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    This is my ultimate comfort food meal.

    Ham Broccoli Potato Casserole

    · 1 package frozen French fries (crinkle cut)
    · 1 package frozen broccoli
    · 1 package of turkey ham, cubed (can be omitted for vegetarians)
    · grated sharp cheddar cheese

    · 1 can condensed cream of mushroom soup
    · ¾ cup milk
    · ½ cup mayonnaise

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
    In a 9”x13” glass baking dish, layer French fries, then broccoli, then turkey ham (if adding).
    In a separate container, combine soup, milk, and mayonnaise to make “goop”. Pour goop over ingredients in the baking dish, evenly coating them.
    Cover casserole with grated cheddar cheese.
    Bake for 25-45 minutes (enough to melt the cheese and thoroughly heat ingredients).
    *note* I usually bake the French fries in the baking dish according to package directions before adding the other ingredients. It seems to give them a slightly better flavor.
  7. Maleficent913

    Maleficent913 Beautifully Tragic

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    So my mom used to make this chili dip for us all the time and I love sharing it with people in hopes they'll enjoy it as much as I do.

    1 can of Dennisons Chili Con Carne No Beans
    1 block of cream cheese.

    Put cream cheese in microwaveable bowl. Pour chili over cream cheese. Microwave for 2 minutes. Stir. Microwave for 2 more minutes. Stir again. It'll look like funky dog food but OMG it tastes so good! Enjoy!
  8. MerlinEmrys

    MerlinEmrys Hicitus Pinicus!

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    My boyfriend and I do "Anything Can Happen Friday" where each week one of us finds a brand new recipe and we try it out. So far, this one has been a major favorite! But it does require a dutch oven or some kind of oven-safe pot.


    10 mins

    [FONT=&amp]COOK TIME

    50 mins

    1 hour


    Two dishes made in one pot! Creamy, dreamy risotto with yummy garlic parmesan flavours topped with crispy roast chicken. Cooking the chicken on top of the rice is like making rice with triple strength stock!
    Author: Nagi | RecipeTin Eats
    Recipe type: Rice, Chicken, Dinner, One Pot
    Cuisine: Western
    Serves: 5


    • ½ tbsp olive oil
    • 2 lb / 1kg chicken thighs, skin on and bone in (5 pieces) (Note 1)
    • 3 tbsp Lemon Pepper Seasoning (Note 2)

    • 2 tbsp butter
    • 4 garlic cloves, minced
    • 1 onion, finely diced
    • 1½ cups risotto rice (arborio)
    • ½ cup white wine, any (or stock or water)
    • 4 cups chicken broth (stock)
    • 1 cup milk (I use low fat)
    • ½ tsp salt
    • Black pepper
    Risotto Finishes

    • 1 cup freshly grated parmesan (lightly packed)
    • 2 tbsp butter
    • ½ to 1 cup milk (preferably warmed)
    • Fresh thyme leaves, or finely chopped parsley, chives or oregano (optional)



    1. Preheat oven to 180C/350F (fan forced) / 200C/390F (conventional).

    1. Coat chicken with Lemon Pepper Seasoning, using most of it on the skin.
    2. Heat olive oil over medium heat in a large oven proof fry pan (Note 3).
    3. Place the chicken in the pan skin side down. Cook for 3 minutes then turn the heat up to medium high and cook for a further 2 minutes or until browned. Turn and cook for 3 minutes. (Note 4)
    4. Remove chicken onto a plate. Discard excess oil in the pan and wipe the pan with a paper towel.

    1. Return the pan to the stove, still on medium high.
    2. Melt butter in the pan. Add garlic and onion and cook for 2 minutes or until onion is translucent.
    3. Add rice and stir until the grains turn from white to translucent. Add wine and cook for 1 to 2 minutes, or until the wine is mostly evaporated.
    4. Add chicken broth, milk, salt and pepper. Bring to a simmer on the stove. Give it a quick stir then place the chicken on top of the rice (pour juices on the plate in too). Then place a lid (or foil) on the pan and transfer to the oven.
    5. Bake for 20 minutes with the lid on. Remove the lid and return to the oven for another 10 minutes, or until the rice is firm but just cooked (not mushy!) and the chicken is crispy.
    6. Remove the chicken from the rice. Stir through Risotto Finishes, using the milk to get the risotto to a creamy consistency.
    7. Return chicken on top. Serve immediately, with fresh thyme leaves and extra parmesan, if desired.


    1. For one pot dishes like this, I like to use bone in skin on chicken because it is juicier (i.e. more flavour cooks into the rice) and I like crispy skin. It would work well with drumsticks too. You can make this with skinless, boneless thigh fillets but you won't get the crispy skin. Breast fillets will work too, but obviously not as juicy because it has a much lower fat content.

    2. Lemon Pepper seasoning is a fabulous spice mix you can get at any major grocery store. It's got zesty lemon and black pepper flavours, but also other seasonings (including salt) so you don't need to add anything else. It doesn't cost any more than other dried herbs and spices - around $1.50 for a packet here in Sydney.

    You can substitute with any seasonings you have on hand, or make your own. Just make sure to remember to add salt and pepper - I don't because Lemon Pepper already has it.

    3. Use a large fry pan, preferably with a lid, or a heavy based pot (dutch oven works great). If you don't have a lid, just cover the pan with foil or use the lid of a larger pot/pan.

    4. The chicken is cooked on a lower heat first to render out (melt) the fat and to partially cook the chicken. Risotto cooks in around 25 to 35 minutes so you need to ensure the chicken is cooked enough on the stove so it is just finished in the oven.

    If you are using thigh fillets, reduce the cooking time to 2 minutes on each side (4 minutes in total on the stove). For drumsticks, reduce the cooking time to 6 minutes in total on the stove.

    We also use chicken breasts instead of thighs and I think it's just as good. :3

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  9. ildar717

    ildar717 Member

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    Goat Cheese and Pancetta Stuffed Chicken Breasts

    4 pieces boneless chicken breast
    1 pkg (4 oz.) goat cheese (can use herbed if desired)
    1/4 lb thick sliced pancetta
    1 shallot or very small sweet onion
    Dijon mustard
    Panko or Italian flavored bread crumbs

    Place dijon into a bowl, enough to dip the chicken, and set aside. Spread bread crumbs on a plate, set aside.
    Let goat cheese soften while prepping other ingredients.
    In ungreased pan over med-high heat, cook pancetta until very crisp. Mince or crush pancetta after cooking.
    Using same pan (add butter if needed), cook finely minced shallot or onion until transparent. Carmelizing is also an option.
    Mix cheese, pancetta and shallot in a small bowl.
    Trim any fat from the chicken breasts, and cut a slit in each piece, about 2/3 the length of each breast. Slit should be deep enough to spoon cheese mixture inside, but not so deep as to butterfly the breast.
    Spoon cheese mixture into each breast, about a tablespoon or so, no need to be precise here.
    After each breast is stuffed, dip into dijon, and roll in bread crumbs, taking care to not lose stuffing mixture.
    Place chicken in slightly greased glass baking dish, bake at 375F for about 40 minutes, or until golden brown.
  10. Purplemandms

    Purplemandms Like the candy!

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    Okay I have GOT to try this one! Thank you for posting.

    (And I'll be back with my own recipe very soon!)
  11. Ksnuggles

    Ksnuggles Resident Cake Baker Staff Member DPF Moderator DPF Correspondent

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    Once I am on my computer... I will be back.
  12. quicksilver493

    quicksilver493 Gonna be a MIGHTY king!

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    Quick and Simple Cheesy Cauliflower:

    Does your kid hate eating their vegetables?! No problem!! Trick your offspring into eating healthy!! (Ish)

    Start by acquiring a fresh head of cauliflower.

    Chop it into reasonable sized chunks, and throw them all into a pot.

    Boil until soft, or desired texture*

    *texture?? What word am I looking for here?

    Once boiled, drain, and set cauliflower aside.

    Cover the bottom of the pot in about an inch of milk or creamer, or any suitable substitute.

    Chop up or shred chunks of your preferred cheese.

    Throw everything back in together in your still- heated pot, and stir up until cheese is melted.

    Serve, and add a generous amount of salt.

    Voila! Quick and delicious cheesy cauliflower! Try this out a few times and tweak things to your liking.

    I find that this dish goes great with rice and chicken. My family eats this all the time, and it's one of the few things I can cook well!
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  13. teddy_ruxpin

    teddy_ruxpin Well-Known Member

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    Mickey head chocolates recipe!

    Get a bar of your favorite chocolate and melt it ,adding in favorite ingredients like chopped cherries ,nuts and raisins and mix together.
    Once melted shape the chocolates into three little circles together to form Mickey Mouse heads and put in the refridgerator to cool and set .
    When cooled and set ,eat and enjoy !
  14. Ventchick

    Ventchick The DPF Ventriloquist

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    Desired... Tenderness? Consistency? Lol I'm a sucker for trying to figure out the "right" words. :D
  15. froggerway

    froggerway nobody cared then

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    I am not much of a cook and if my husband was okay with it, our dinners would be pizza/salad/grilled cheese on a rotating schedule, LOL. I love truly easy, no-babysitting meals and this one is a favorite!

    Ham Pot Pie
    2C frozen broccoli
    2C frozen cauliflower
    1&1/2C diced ham lunchmeat
    8oz chive&onion cream cheese
    1C shredded mild cheddar
    1 pre-packaged pie crust

    1) Preheat oven to 350F. Set out piecrust on counter to warm up as instructed on box.

    2) Combine broccoli and cauliflower in a glass bowl large enough to hold all, and fill with water. Place in microwave and nuke the &^% out of it* until softened.

    *Usually around 11 minutes in a 1200watt microwave, the idea being you want the veggies chewy but not disintegrated.

    3) Use four, round shaped oven-safe bowls* approximately 14-16oz in size. Unroll the piecrust and using one of the bowls as a guide, place over crust and proceed to cut out four circles large enough to cover bowls. Only a bare minimum is required for an overhang, maybe a 1/4in but if you need to make smaller/bigger go for it!

    *Ramekins are nice but Pyrex is a lot more budget-friendly.

    4) Once veggies are soft, drain and place back into glass mixing bowl. While not needed, you can further dice the veggie pieces to make even smaller if desired.

    5) Immediately add all of cream cheese to the veggies so the heat will soften the cream cheese and allow for easier mixing. Add ham and cheddar and stir thoroughly.

    6) Evenly dispense the mixture into your four oven-safe bowls. Cover with cutout pie crusts and make a small incision* on top of crust to allow for venting.

    *If you're fancy, feel free to make it geometrically pleasing with multiple vents. If you're one of those cooks who's lucky enough if they can keep all of their fingers by using a simple butter knife on most occasions, one small slice will suffice.

    7) Place bowls on a flat tray/cookie sheet/any cookware that is flat and will survive the oven, and place inside oven on center rack and cook for 20-25 minutes* or until crust tops are golden.

    *If the oven is not your friend, you may want to start with a 15 minute bake time and then check in five minute intervals until desired crust color is achieved.

    ***Serving sizes can be smaller/larger depending on cook's wishes. You can also prepare these pies in advance (steps 1 thru 6) and leave in fridge for up to three days before the smell of cooked cauliflower will make you wish had chosen to eat these sooner.
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  16. Counselor

    Counselor Active Member

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    My family is from Italy and I happen to LOVE tuna and pasta ... but not the tuna mac "thing" people may be most familiar with. Here is how my grandmother taught me to make it -

    Boil water and drop your pasta (for 2) ... Fettuccine, Spaghetti, Linguini or something similar. As the pasta is cooking, NOT BEFORE. Rough chop garlic and chili and a minced anchovy toss in a HOT pan with olive oil off the heat. Add some capers. Cook for about 3-5 min ... NOT LONG. As the pasta is getting done (just before aldente) Add pasta to pan with the garlic mix. Add some pasta water to prevent sticking and make the sauce. Stir and remove from the heat. Gently toss in a can of REALLY good tuna in oil and some 1/4 cherry tomatoes and Arugula (smallish handfull). Toss all this together and serve. I wish there were amounts, but it is all to taste. There are times when I skip the Arugula and sub fresh garden peas or Romanescco Cauliflower or even asparagus when it is fresh from our garden.

    Enjoy! ... Remember, in Italy, you do not put cheese on pasta that has seafood ... But you can, I have done it, there is no pasta cheese police and it is yummo!
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  17. chubs191

    chubs191 Beautiful Tomorrow Admirer

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    One of my favorite any time meals, Omurice. It's a Japanese dish that is inspired by American dishes. It serves 1-2 people.

    3 eggs
    1/2 cup white rice (I use instant to save on cooking time)
    1/2 a medium white onion (I use valencia, the sweet kind)
    4 oz of leftover chicken cooked any way, diced or shredded
    1/3 cup of shredded or diced carrots
    soy sauce
    vegetable oil

    Begin cooking your rice normally. Heat a non-stick 8" pan to medium heat and whisk two eggs with a tablespoon of milk in a bowl or cup. Cook an omelet and set it aside. In your medium heat 8" pan, combine a tablespoon of cooking oil, diced onions, and carrots; saute until the onions have softened. Pile your vegetables in a corner and add your last egg to the pan. Scramble it until it's done cooking. Add the chicken, the rice, a half tablespoon of oil, and 1/4 cup of soy sauce to the pan and mix it all together. Keep stirring every 30 seconds or so until the rice starts browning. Add 1/4 cup of ketchup and keep stirring until the whole dish is warmed up again. Place the the rice mixture on a plate or in a bowl and drape the omelet on top of the rice. Pour ketchup on top of the omelet, in fun ways (i.e. geometric patterns, the person's name, a flower) and serve.

    I add spiciness to it as well with hot sauce, wasabi, red pepper flakes. I don't recommend siracha, it overpowers a lot of flavors. Also feel free to change the amounts of food as you see fit. Here's a picture of what my recipe will look like when finished.


    and here's some fun ways you can make it:
  18. Dalamara

    Dalamara Well-Known Member

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    The best thing I make is......... Reservations! (Bah dum ching!) :wat:
  19. GoofyinMadison

    GoofyinMadison PinPics: DIZFAN

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    This is an AWESOME idea...loving these recipes anddd getting hungry!!
  20. momin.ator

    momin.ator Well-Known Member

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    Ditto. :)
  21. maxtrexmom

    maxtrexmom Member

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    Wow! These are awesome so far! I can't wait to try them out! We'll keep the game going a while longer if anyone wants to add more recipes. :)
  22. Booger1964

    Booger1964 Well-Known Member

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    Okay. Here is one of my family's favorites (and it's fast and easy:)

    Ziti Bake

    1 lb. ground beef
    1 lb. ziti
    1 - 16 oz. container ricotta cheese
    4 cups spaghetti sauce
    1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese
    1 egg slightly beaten
    1/4 cup chopped (fresh or dried) parsley
    3/4 teaspoon salt
    1/4 teaspoon pepper
    1 - 8 oz. package shredded mozzarella cheese

    Brown hamburger and drain grease. To browned burger add the ricotta, ½ of the spaghetti sauce (2 cups), the parmesan, the slightly beaten egg, the parsley, the salt, and the pepper.

    Cook pasta according to package directions. Drain. (I cook the burger and the pasta at the same time to save time). Stir the pasta into the burger mixture. Spread into a 13 x 9 baking dish. Top with remaining 2 cups of spaghetti sauce. Sprinkle mozzarella cheese all over the top of the spaghetti sauce. Bake at 350◦ for 20 minutes (until cheese is melted and bubbly). Enjoy!
  23. ildar717

    ildar717 Member

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    Veal Saltimboca (My Version)

    1 1/2-2 lbs. thin cut veal cutlet
    1/4 lb. very sharp Provolone cheese (from a block, not prepackaged slices)
    1/4 lb. prosciutto di Parma
    2 sprigs fresh rosemary
    one stick unsalted butter
    one cup Italian white wine
    black pepper
    dried basil, parsley

    Melt butter in saucepan over low heat. Slice shallot, place in pan with melted butter. Add rosemary. Let shallot and rosemary infuse for a few minutes, then add wine. Increase heat to low-medium, stirring occasionally. When mixture begins to let off steam, remove from heat, strain into a bowl or cup and set sauce aside. Remove about 10 rosemary needles from the sprigs.

    Mix flour, black pepper and dried herbs to taste and put on a flat plate.

    Pound out veal to almost paper-thin, then dredge in flour mixture.

    Lightly oil a glass baking dish large enough for the cutlets. Place floured cutlets in dish.

    Slice Provolone into thin slices, placing 3-4 onto each cutlet. Place a few of the rosemary needles onto each cutlet, on top of the cheese.
    cover cheese and rosemary with prosciutto. Sprinkle lightly with sauce.

    Place in 375 degree oven until prosciutto is crispy, about 40 minutes.
    Serve with pasta, using the leftover sauce to coat the pasta.
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  24. maxtrexmom

    maxtrexmom Member

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    It was SO hard to decide but the winner is......MerlinEmrys!!!!:wavey: Thanks for the great recipes, everyone! Merlin, I will send your prize out tomorrow! :D
  25. Booger1964

    Booger1964 Well-Known Member

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    Congrats Merlin! I'm looking forward to trying your recipe as well as the others!
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