For Sale: Trader Clear Out ($25 and under)


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Time to clear out my trade books at the beginning of the year and make some space. All pins are $25 or under. Payment only via paypal goods and services. If you participated in my recent $10 game, shipping is covered to 1 lb. If you go over a lb., it might be a few extra dollars. US shipping is $5 up to 1 lb and then at cost over that.(1 lb is a lot of pins) International shipping is at cost. Please claim in this thread so people can see what has been claimed. Please comment in a new post if you are claiming new pins to make it fair on who might have claimed something first. Some pins have some minor pricks or smudges hence the price and some pins have cards as well.

SPEND $25 Pick one free pin $4 or under
SPEND $50 Get 10% OFF
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I control the weather
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CLAIMED: TIANA, Cruella Marquee, Pixar Set






CLAIMED: Adorb Tiger, BATB


CLAIMED: GASTON ARTFULLY, Taurus Minnie, Princess Minnie, Artfully Cruella, 60th Dalmatians
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$7 EACH PIN OR 3 FOR $20

CLAIMED: Jafar Artfully, Tefiti Earth Day, Maui Name, Stitch Honorary Alumni, Figpin Mulan, Figpin Moana, Pixar Play Parade, Aladdin Film, Queen of Hearts Card, Dumbo Film, Duffy Cake



CLAIMED: Cakes x3, Coco set, NBC Rectangle, NBC Circle, D23 on card set, Sheriff of Nottingham, Old Hag, Lumiere with Book, Abu with Book, Rocket Pumpkin, Lost Boy Hideout, Carousel Horses(1 Snow, 1 Facilier, Tremaine, Gaston, Mali), Eeyore Gingham, Eeyore Clown, Pooh, Acer, Goofy Rectangle Face, Goofy Trapeze, Slinky Dog, Pandora, Dalmatians DMC, Duffy Paint

$4 EACH PIN OR 4 FOR $15

CLAIMED: Duffy x7, Baymax Donut, Pinocchio Hugs, Jiminy Honest, Dwarf Spinner, Aladdin Carpet Red, Aladdin Carpet Blue, Candy Castle, Baby Eeyore x1, Jewel Minnie Head, Minnie Green Dress, Jiminy Cricket Umbrella, Alice, VHS LK, VHS Toy Story


CLAIMED: LUMIERE/COGSWORTH, Evil Queen on Card, Wildcat East High, Honeydew/Beaker, Jawa, Yoda, Green Deebee, Minnie Vampire, Minnie/Mickey Rainbow, Tiara, Minnie Blue Flower, Si & Am, Peter Pan, Goofy Fishing, Captain Hook, Goofy Balloon , Goofy Drum, White Pinocchio, Dumbo Calendar, Hyacinth Hippo, Baby Mickey Car, Mulan, Duffy Photo x1

$2 EACH PIN OR 6 FOR $10

CLAIMED: Lion King Timon, Lion King Rafiki, Cinderella, Weather Vanes x4, Hades Car, Toyland, Pirate Car, 0 donald, 0 pluto, Ewok, Minnie Ice Cream, Flounder Ice Cream x1, Lilo Ice Cream, Jack ICe Cream, Tink Ice Cream, Belle Silver HM, Minnie Train, Mickey Train, Minnie Head, Minnie Princess, Baby Mickey Car, Thumper, Tiana Heart x2, Timothy Balloon, Teacher Mickey, Baby Mickey and Donald, Squirt, LK Logo, Pink Cinderella Bubble, Black White Mickey Face, Mickey Lonesome Ghosts, Mickey Blue Flower, Genie
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I'll claim:


$7 3 for $20
What's my name Maui
Jafar artfully evil

3 mystery cakes
Coco 2 pin set
Nbc Jack on hill rectangle
Nbc Jack on hill circle

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I’ll take the Rafiki and Timon (characters over the words The Lion King) along with 10 other random pins from the last photo, please. They’ll be trade board fodder for my DLR trip in a few weeks so I literally do not care which ones. Pick 10 that the little ones are scared of and you just want out of your house, LOL.

I’ll also take the $7 Stitch honorary alumni pin, the $5 Sheriff of Nottingham, and the $5 D23 shows set (with AHS, Abbott Elrmentary, etc.) please.

For the free pin I would like the pin that says Donald Duck, please.


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Please put me down for $7 pins both fig pins and the Pixar play parade

$4 board 7 dwarfs “today I’m”

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DPF Charter Member
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Hi. I am interested in
$7 Jasmine and Aladdin flying carpet film strip
$5 Loungefly clown Eeyore
$5 Loungefly Gingham Eeyore
$4 Jasmine and Aladdin flying carpet red background
$4 Jasmine and Aladdin flying carpet blue moon background

Thank you


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Do you want all 8 as some are duplicates of the horses or one of each?

Also what pin $4 or under would you like as your freebie?
Just one each of the carousel horses. For the $4 pin breaker and professor honey dew (will pay for the second one) thank you for the wonderful sale.


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If these are still avalible I would like to buy
10 dollar: Minnie princess on balcony
4 dollars: Minnie head with jewels (silver with red bow), Minnie in green dress (next to Jasmine cupcake)
3 dollar Minnie halloween vampire, Minnie and Mickey rainbow ghosts, Tiara pin, Minnie standing on a flower? (far right lower corner)
2 dollar: Minnie head (located over flounder ice creams) Minnie ice cream, Minnie princess (next to Tinker Belle icecream)