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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by fluffystitch, May 12, 2013.

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  1. fluffystitch

    fluffystitch Active Member

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    Hey princes and princesses,

    I was thinking of posting the flyers DSF releases here on the forums. Hope this helps some of you.

    June 2013

    Past Releases
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. disneygirl333

    disneygirl333 Gif Enchantress

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    I dread anything Rapunzel, Ariel, WIR, stitch or anything I am remotely interested in. :(
  3. crushedbubbles

    crushedbubbles Active Member

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    Me too, because I am gone for most of June and part of July :facepalm:
    And it's too hard to get DSF stuff anyways nowadays...
  4. ILuvAriel922

    ILuvAriel922 Active Member

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    I'm dreading anything Little Mermaid :(

    I no longer have a DSF connection so I know I won't be able to afford the resell prices. It's my primary collection and its going to break my heart that I won't be able to get them, but that's life and I can't blame anyone for not helping. Times are tough and everyone needs all the help they can get.
  5. latemetal

    latemetal Member

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    I expect chaos....

    Ohh, were talking about what pins will come out? No clue.
  6. Jazzy B Bunny

    Jazzy B Bunny Hakuna Matata

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    Anything Lion king, as resell prices are outa my league :(
  7. Lamorak

    Lamorak Active Member

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    I expect Monsters University pins. Another Jessica calendar surprise pin and probably some thing for Memorial Day, if it doesnt make a May release.
  8. nWoJeffDW

    nWoJeffDW DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    I think we can expect a lot of Monsters University pins, including a marquee.
  9. charlottetowell

    charlottetowell Active Member

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    Obviously I'd like some UP pins....ones with untypical characters from the film old be great, old also love may e some hinged pins of some sort.....
  10. starry_solo

    starry_solo Judge of the Dark Court Staff Member DPF Super Moderator

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    Ditto for Monster's University. I hope it's a Saturday release :)
  11. BugCatcherJenna

    BugCatcherJenna It doesnt have to be a snowman

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    Monsters University!! I am so excited... hopefully I will be able to get a few of the pins... especially the marquee. Let's hope they sit at DSF for awhile so I can have a chance at them... -_________-

    Let's hope there are no beloved tales that I need... AKA... Brave...
  12. VanellopeFan

    VanellopeFan Member

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    I'm hoping they'll release some Wreck-it Ralph pins, but I'm also dreading it XD.
  13. kupo1121

    kupo1121 Master Pin Synthesizer

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    I'm hoping/dreading (yes, when it comes to DSF they're synonyms lol) for WiR or Kingdom Hearts (let me dream!!) pins. For all you LM collectors, I think you can rest easy because they'll save those pins for the 3D release later this year. As long as there isn't a pin of Ursula and Vanessa looking at each other in the mirror, I won't go crazy but I know I'll want at least one of those pins >_<

    Thankfully, Monsters University is guaranteed to take up a whole release so that's a plus since I don't want any of those pins.
  14. BugCatcherJenna

    BugCatcherJenna It doesnt have to be a snowman

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    Let's hope no one want's them! >:)
  15. nsingleton

    nsingleton Active Member

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    I am on the fence on what I want to see! :lol: I ALWAYS love to see a new Jessica (I am not collecting the calendars because I didn't start from the beginning), but I cannot afford to buy much lately, so I don't want some great Jessica to be release and miss out on it! Ha ha! :D
  16. Merryweather

    Merryweather Active Member

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    I am sure that there will be some surprise release for Father's Day. If it is Belle, there might be some initial high demand.
  17. ILoveTigger

    ILoveTigger Member

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    I want there to be a Tigger pin (yeah right)! Definitely Monsters University. There might be some summer themed ones as well.
  18. translation

    translation Member

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    I feel like there will be Stitch, Jessica Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, and Russell--the same characters DSF seems to go for. I would love a Little Mermaid release.
  19. PrinceEric

    PrinceEric The most royal & loyal prince

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    Well my anxiety level is high as usual...I am expecting juicy pins...something hot other than jessica....something bigger than ptds. after all size does matter in the pin world. see you all there at those releases i love camping out and just being a hook on those dirty streets of h-wood.
  20. shooting4ownhand

    shooting4ownhand Well-Known Member

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    As long as there are no Snow White pins, unless they are ugly as sin, my wallet will be happy. I am hoping there is nothing I need though recently a lot of the resell prices haven't been that bad.
  21. H2454

    H2454 Skeptic

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    Monsters U and lots of cooperation and pin trading friendship.
  22. Psycho Pixie

    Psycho Pixie Vacations are a grand thing

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    Are there any blue ray releases that might hit the El Cap as a special showing? Those would be pin releases as well as the Movies...

    Monster U
    Lone Ranger

    any others?
  23. pauly88

    pauly88 DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    I hope not either that aint going to be an easy one.. but agreed with others Monsters U will be in june flyer
  24. mistressofevil

    mistressofevil Member

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    As long as its no maleficent or HM i'm good lol
  25. pauly88

    pauly88 DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    Does that mean Haunted mansion? if yes they haven't done that in years and I don't think they will any sooner..
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