Clara and I's COMPLETE Beloved Tales Collection!

Discussion in 'Pin Showroom' started by Luis75, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. Merida90

    Merida90 Member

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    Wonderful collection!!! :bigthumb: Congrats!!!
  2. dawny

    dawny Active Member

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    wow that is so great! i couldnt just pick one, BUT in viewing your board the cinderella stood out to me, perhpas it is the sheer pink next to all the bold color! so happy for you--that needs to be in a lovely gold fancy frame (rummage sales/antique shops) and displayed in the living room, its that good.
  3. Aggellert

    Aggellert Member

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  4. Dalamara

    Dalamara Well-Known Member

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    Awesome!!! What a great accomplishment! :D
  5. cristywill

    cristywill Well-Known Member

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    Amazing! These are such beautiful pins. My goal is to have a complete set as well. Congrats!
  6. Mali87

    Mali87 The Girl with the Ariel Tattoo

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    Wow!!! They look amazing when they're all together!! Congrats on completing the whole set! :)

    Oh and I'm so jelly of your Little Mermaid one :3 lol
  7. rik1138

    rik1138 Active Member

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    Congrats! Feels pretty good, doesn't it? :)

    That is my new goal, all the BTs... I literally started on Friday, so I have a ways to go, but I think it will be fun, and not nearly as impossible as the marquees seemed like they were going to be!
  8. MrShaun

    MrShaun Member

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    That look so cool
  9. biancabearr

    biancabearr Member

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    This is amazing, congrats!
  10. Clara9271

    Clara9271 Active Member

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    Thank you so much for everyones nice comments :) Yes, it does feel good to finally complete this set! They all are truly lovely pins. We're trying to take a better picture of it because this photo doesn't do them any justice. When you see them they look BEAUTIFUL :)
  11. ILuvAriel922

    ILuvAriel922 Active Member

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    So beautiful!
  12. peterpanfan

    peterpanfan Member

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    Congrats on completing the set! Cinderella has to be my favourite out of them all, the colour and the sparkles = gorgeous :D
  13. Merryweather

    Merryweather Active Member

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    Wooo hoooo ... congrats you guys! I am very close, but still need my last 2 to join the club.

    I absolutely agree with Clara. These are very lovely and well made pins.
  14. ILuvAriel922

    ILuvAriel922 Active Member

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    I wish I lived in CA :( LoL. You can tell these pins have better quality than the usual Disney pins, but I guess I will have to try to get what I can here and there. Nice job though...I would so love to see pictures of these on your lanyards if you guys decide to wear them! :)
  15. mylittletyguy

    mylittletyguy Active Member

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    That is such a breathtaking collection! I would really LOVE to start collecting these too...but I am not a millionaire, nor am I married to one, and the prices of some of these on the secondary market would make it nearly impossible to get my hands on all of them! Such beautiful pins!!!
  16. Nesspin12

    Nesspin12 Member

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    Congratulations :)
  17. leopardpolkadotspots

    leopardpolkadotspots Active Member

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    Absolutely STUNNING! I wish I had more of these pins. Does this mean that DSF will not be releasing any more ?
  18. Clara9271

    Clara9271 Active Member

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    Thanks Sophia. No, it's completed for now but were gonna continue to get the new releases. I'm hoping for a princess and the frog one soon!

    & thank you everyone for the nice comments. We're super proud of our collection
  19. lordvader

    lordvader Member

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    Wow That is Amazing! must get them all!!!
  20. TinyHat

    TinyHat Member

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    I love these pins, they're just gorgeous. Huge congratulations on finishing the set.
  21. charlottetowell

    charlottetowell Active Member

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    Wow nice collection, well done!!! I soooo want that up pin lol! The whole collection looks great, the BT's are such pretty pins. Love it!
  22. lost-sun-princess

    lost-sun-princess a princess worth waiting for

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    That's one good looking board of pins. I love this collection - the size, the weight, the colors and details of these pins are just beautiful. Congratulations! <3
  23. Disxar

    Disxar the one and only.

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    Wow! Congrats on getting all of them, they look amazing! :)
  24. Cowcio

    Cowcio Member

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  25. nWoJeffDW

    nWoJeffDW DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    Nice collection! If they release more will you start a new board or get a bigger one?
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