PIN BACK's (Dont lose your Lanyard Pins Ever Again)

Discussion in 'Pin Guides & FAQs' started by iamdisneydan, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. bwschultz

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    I used the same crome pin backs on my last trip to WDW and did not lose a single pin. They are wonderfull. A must have for traders. I just kept a pocket full of regular Mickey backs when I made a trade for one of my pins that had more than one post.
  2. tyleet87

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    I just ordered some! I was given one of the chrome backs from Nanfitz! I think it is awesome and wanted to get more. Hopefully they are the right ones. :)
  3. TinyTink

    TinyTink Africa-The Real Animal Kingdom DPF Charter Member

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    :wavey: More good news; mine arrived the other day (remember, they had to travel all the way to Africa!) and they are fabulous. Just switched out the mickey backs on all my lanyard pins. so much easier than the rubber backs, and I didn't draw a drop of blood.

    Thanks for sharing the great info :bowdown:

  4. Geoff

    Geoff Almost >< A DPF Charter Member

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    Dan! COuld you please PM me the name of the seller? I hate those locking backs but I hate losing pins even more!
  5. DisneyScouter

    DisneyScouter Scouting for my favorite pins DPF Charter Member

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    PM sent Geoff.
  6. charlesu

    charlesu DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    Cool. I ordered a batch of 50.
  7. SnDMommy

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    So glad I found this thread! I had previously ordered the locking backs on ebay from a seller that went belly up right after my order (now I have a case open, blah blah blah). I was about to order more but I just ordered these instead. THANK YOU!!

    And for anyone else who comes along, the link posted above didn't work for me (it went to a search list with over 9,000 results). Here is a link to the seller's store:

    Someone please let me know if that wasn't the correct one so I can fix the link if necessary.
  8. iamdisneydan

    iamdisneydan The Bald Guy In The Back DPF Charter Member

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    I guess my link became outdated. You have the NEW correct link.
    Thanks for the update and glad to help out.
  9. karkura

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    I use earring backings. They hold on VERY tightly. I have never had a problem with them.

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  10. niknaxx

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    VERY interesting!!! I would NEVER EVER have thought that. Will give it a shot, I do have the other backs on order, but can't hurt to know other avenues to take :)
  11. karkura

    karkura Gryffindor House Prefect DPF Charter Member

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    They hold on really tight. Let us know what you think.
  12. TrueBlueDaddy

    TrueBlueDaddy New Member

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    Thank you for your analysis of pin backs. Although I have been a life-long pin collector, my family and I have just recently become involved in Disney pin trading. Some of my Disney pins date back to when I was a kid, so the idea of losing them off my lanyard is heartbreaking. We initially loved the idea of the wrench-backs (as we've come to call them), but after some time we realized that a) not all of them would tighten as securely as we had hoped, and b) that tightening had the tendency to strip the set screw (at least on the ones I purchased from ebay). I also had a somewhat intuitive worry that tightening the set screw would damage or fatigue the metal of the pin's pose. Sadly, my intuition was confirmed when the post off of one of my older cherished pins (a retired Aladdin pin from the '92 film release) broke off as I was attempted to jimmy the wrench lose from the back after tightening.

    Now I am unwilling to endanger the integrity of my pins by using the locking backs. I am used to the standard butterfly clutch style pin back on most of my pins, but would still like some added security when showing off my pins in public. After reading such glowing reviews of these tie tack style backs, I will try them and see how it goes.

    Thanks again!
  13. swim2sea

    swim2sea DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    I have used these on my lanyard for years. I have never lost a pin off my lanyard or backpack. And trust me they both take a ton of abuse.
  14. Cursor

    Cursor Member

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    I've used these gold coloured locking metal backing pins, lost two of them but the pins themselves stayed on. :)
    Wouldn't trust the rubber ears ones at all.
  15. swim2sea

    swim2sea DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    I use the same ones as Dan and I have pins on my backpack, hat and lanyard. I have NEVER lost a pin. I've had people sneak up on my scooter and try to pull off a pin and SURPRISE - they don't pull off. I usually see them, but with these backs - I never worry. They would have to open the backpack to get them. I have some really valuable pins on my lanyard and I have never lost one. For me, that's remarkable.
  16. KT07

    KT07 Well-Known Member

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    bump for the chat room...thank u dan
  17. calveezzzy

    calveezzzy Member

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    FYI for those thinking the Allen wrench locks are still better than these ones:
    1) The Allen wrench pin backs poke out a whole bunch whether you wear them on your lanyard, book, or backpack. If either side gets snagged or a lot of pressure is put on the back, the post bends very easily, and can break off as previous posters have mentioned.
    2) The chrome military style backs are just as "permanent" as the Allen wrench ones. In fact, they might be a little more secure. If someone tries to pull off a pin on the chrome backs or if they get snagged, the spring mechanism engages harder, and it won't come out. Sometimes you need 2 hands to undo the chrome backs if they are on tight. The Allen wrench backs can easily be taken off by rotating them until the bolt loosens. It doesn't take a long time to loosen them at all.
    3) even though we would all like to support Disney with more money, the price difference is very significant. You get about 10 Allen backs for $10 at the parks. On ebay, the chrome backs are 50 for $20.

    Hope this helps persuade people that the chrome backs are a lot safer and cheaper to use than the Allen backs.
  18. SyriusLionwing

    SyriusLionwing Active Member

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    I want some of these but the guy doesn't post to the UK.
  19. Pin Pal

    Pin Pal Member

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    I bought a bunch of these, and they work great. You can not get these backs to slip off if you tried. At 20 bucks for 50, they are also a way better deal than the allen-wrench tightened backs.
  20. docj44

    docj44 Member

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    I need to look into getting the middle one. Right now I use the "Locking Pinbacks" they sell at WDW with the little Allen wrench. But twice I've had pins still came off...but luckily I found it them. When I meet cast members that has the third type of back on his pin, they always tell me to keep my rubber mouse ear back because its better.
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  21. hearts48

    hearts48 DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    Another inexpensive alternative would be to cut up the "plastic" backer cards that your DisneyStore/WDI pins come on. Cut small pieces and place them between the lanyard and pin back, be it the rubber or chrome ones. We have done this and have lost the rubber mickey head backs, but not the pin! Credit goes to husband, Mr. Nightmare!
  22. jess_rn

    jess_rn Member

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    We bought some off of ebay that are from like 2005....they are in the shape of cinderella's slipper, minnie's bow, a heart and a crown, mickey's sorcerer hat, mickey's hand, and goofy's hat. We just used them when we were down there last week and they work so well....they don't fall off at all and they look cool at the same time.
  23. chowdmouse

    chowdmouse Member

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    Hi jess_rn!

    I think you are talking about the rubber pin backs that are very much the same material as the regular black Mickey ears pin backs. I have had both of the other sets at one time or another.

    I think the reason these seem to hold on really well is that they are brand new when you get them out of the package & use them. The hole for the post is there, but it has never been used. So it is always very snug when you put them on.

    But with the ones I have used, after some repeated reorganizing pin bags & trading & trips, I find that they are about as reliable as the regular black Mickey ears pin back. Some stay tight, some get loose, etc.

    Below are the sets I know of:

    Pin 43637: Accessory - Pin Backs - Character Icons (Set 2)

    Pin 28803: Custom Clutches & Mickey Pin Set

    Pin 43638: Accessory - Pin Backs - Character Icons (Set 1)
  24. jess_rn

    jess_rn Member

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    Yeah the top and the bottom ones are the ones we have....they worked fine all throughout this trip so I guess we will see how they hold up for next year. :)
  25. MarkP

    MarkP New Member

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    I've noticed inconsistencies with the rubber mickey-earred pin backs, some are softer or harder than others.
    I find if you go the ones that are softer, and always poke a new hole when you attach your pins, you get an amazing grip.
    But going with the harder ones, and reusing the same hole over and over, they will have way more tendency to want to fall out.

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