1. watzshakinbacon

    Zapped! This is the way.. to zap! Thank you, fellow Grogu fans ;)

    I received a wonderful package from @GroguFan and @stratasfan! I've been feeling kinda sick this week, so this will prob be a relatively short thank you post. Sarah saw my Secret Santa post and the baby Yodas that @coblj003 had included in his gift, so she put together a little surprise...
  2. gargress

    Zapped! Awesome Aurora zap!

    A trip to visit family, celebrate a friend's wedding, and WDW with friends was pure joy! Then, pure sadness when I had to leave again for Salt Lake City. My pin-trading sparked to life again soon after. Then, this awesome trade and zap (Aurora hearts diamond pin) came in the mail—sending a big...
  3. Booger1964

    Zapped! Wonderful Creation from AlaskanMalamute

    I was fortunate enough to be a winner in AlaskanMalamute's free game and not only did he send me a wonderful pin board, but he also included a cute little purse and stickers. Thanks so much! They are all so appreciated! Now I have to figure out which pins to put on it to do it justice:)
  4. swscref

    Zapped! Zapped by Summerskin

    Just completed a wonderful auction with Summerskin and to my surprise, I received the following zaps when I opened the package. Thank you so much! There was more candy, but my daughter nabbed it and ran off before I could get a picture.
  5. Papaya

    Zapped! It's raining zaps! Thank you, Snoffsan!

    Guys. GUYS... I still can't believe it. I was repeating ohmygoodnessohmygoodness to myself all through the unpacking. Today, I received pins from my trade with @Snoffsan and the first thing that I pulled out of the envelope was a zap. Aww, that's so nice!, I thought and then... proceeded to...
  6. Papaya

    Zapped! My first zap ever, courtesy of Disneychildwithin!

    My pinmails are rare, so I've neve been zapped... till now! First, I was delighted to see the super cute Frozen stickers on the package the lovely @Disneychildwithin sent to me, and then I was even more happy when I noticed that she made sure to include a wonderful surprise inside, too! How...
  7. watzshakinbacon

    Almost completed WDW Mascots Collection!

    It's not done, but I'm just so eggcited about it! It all started when I bought a grab bag, and there were the Star Tours and Gracey Manor Ghouls. Since it came from the March Magic series, I immediately took to them because I enjoy watching March Madness! :cool: It then continued to grow with a...
  8. watzshakinbacon

    Beautiful Belle Zap by ShelterKat! Thank you!!!

    So.. I was expecting just one pin package today, but apparently, there were 2! I saw the return addressee's name but didn't recognize it from any of the trades I made. What the fluff was this thing?? I opened it up, saw a lot of bubble wrap, and a card. I opened it up and read it. Lo and...
  9. watzshakinbacon

    Mascot Zap by KristieD! Thank you for growing my small collection!!

    Today, I received my first pinmail ever! I received an extra little sumthin sumthin and was totally wow'd by the generosity of KristieD! I have gotten 2 mascots in a mystery pack and wanted to grow that collection, and now... I have another one! The ThunderMountain BOOM! :D Thank you, Kristie...
  10. watzshakinbacon

    First Zap Ever!! Thanks, TiggerMickey!!

    Today, I received my first pinmail ever and also my first zaps! I mentioned this in the other pinmail post, but I feel very blessed to have been matched with TiggerMickey for my first trade. Thus, I've learned a lot about pin trading and hope to perpetuate the spirit of Disney and pin trading...
  11. DDCakes

    Zapped by Speedwaystar1 (with Snoffsan)!!!

    I was totally floored to get this today! It came on such a stressful day, it was really what I needed to remind me of all the kindness and selflessness in the world. Thank you so much! :wiggle::tigger:Random captions included under the pictures below. I was totally confused when the package...
  12. T

    Zapped by GoodyinMadison

    I purchased a couple of pins from her recent sale and she zapped me this awesome Tinker Bell pin! I was definitely not expecting anything and still can't quite get over that she zapped it to me. Thank you so much Debbie, you're too generous!
  13. Ninpin

    ANOTHER Sssurprise - Zapped By Loomi

    I'm ssspoiled! :lol: Loomi did it again! Another great pin for my main Kaa collection! Can't wait to add it to the rest! I also got a couple of really neat Frozen cards with it! AH! SO NICE! My wall of "random Disney stuff" is getting fuller too, haha! Thank you so much, Loomi!
  14. Ninpin

    A Sssurprise - Zapped By Loomi

    Oh my! I don't know what to sssay! :anxious: I'll try to refrain from adding cheesy extra S's to everything right now, haha, but I'm SO THRILLED to have received this special zap from Loomi! As per usual, it came at a time when I really needed a pick-me-up, and I was not expecting it at all...
  15. MomeRathsOutgrabe

    PoohLady is awesome!!!

    She bid the South Dakota character pin in my pin auction (for someone else), and when she sent the pin, she included her Iowa and Delaware pins too. What a great surprise!
  16. melanium

    Surprised by the MYSTERY ZAPPER!

    WOW! This Mystery Zapper is ON A ROLE! I was definitely not expecting this!! This person is paying attention and for sure, a super kind and caring individual! Another awesome Space Mountain pin to add to my growing collection, plus the I *HEART* Disney Pins pin I've always wanted. I intend...
  17. melanium

    PIN MAIL and ZAPS! Thank you Vixy and docfish2u!

    I received some pin mail today from both Michelle (Vixy) and David (docfish2u), both packages contained very fun and unexpected surprises! :) I have a Wanted trade thread up for Space Mountain pins, so these two members kindly obliged with some great pins, plus zaps all in the themes I love...
  18. nsingleton

    You Guys DEFINITELY Caught Me Off Guard...I Feel So Honored And Loved

    Kevin was home from work today, and I have been laying in the basement all day because I am sick, so Kevin got the mail today... My mom stopped by to check on me, and she us waiting on a package that she had sent to my house, so I went to check the porch to make sure that it wasn't sitting...
  19. Vixy

    GreyWyvern Strikes Again!!!

    I just got back from a weekend out of town (Consonance filk convention + NorCal Pin Trading meet up) to find this lovely lovely pin in my office mail! OMG YOU GUYS. I didn't really expect I'd ever get hold of this for my Small World collection (my favorite attraction!) because it's from a...
  20. froggerway

    A Tale, A Trade and A Zap of a lifetime!

    Last year a trader sent me a pin trade request for a Fox and the Hound pin I had listed in my traders. It wasn’t a trade that I wanted to make so I politely thanked them but respectfully declined. The trader contacted me again, apologizing if I thought the trade was unequal and would I be...