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DSF/DSSH DSSH Surprise Releases


Sales Begin Soon!​

got all the pins i have another set coming as well let me know which pins you want to trade

the hidden pins are 2 packs of each eternal
Where's the website that shows the other pins?
DSF doesn't have a regular website; I think it means the site that you buy the pins through. Like "See them on the site as you get it to select the pins you want!"

Congrats to those who got in and got pins! My number is still counting down, LOL. At least there is nothing from this release that I need.
Wow I was 80th in line until DSSH reset the queue and then I got lucky 800 ;) I had a bad feeling there would be a BATB surprise but luckily it’s not an absolute need atm.
missed out on mirabel, but I got isabela and the sister trio which were the ones i liked best! V cranky about the marquee having the random nameless leopard instead of any of the madrigals but at least it means I didn’t need it.
I was on a work call when the first link dropped, clicked in 6 minutes after posting and was 831 in line with the line paused. Switched over to the new link and got number 270ish, so I was able to get in. I missed out on the BatB surprise but was able to get the full Encanto set. I was most excited about the sisters pin for Luisa; I wish that she got a solo pin like the others.

Now I have to convince myself to NOT start a new collection...