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Out of interest, it seems as though international non-US users could purchase through these online releases, is that actually correct? Or would it have kicked me at the end had I tried to buy something?

Unless it specifically says CA-only or US-only, the online releases are open for international as well.


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Sales Begin at 1:00 PM PT Today​



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I’ll be ISO Daisy/Donald and Eeyore. Also would love Roo, Aristocats, LATT, and/or Simba/Nala, but priority to the first 2. :)

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I got on but not getting anything. Can’t justify paying over $30 for a trader right now when shipping is an additional $12. Aristocats, Dalmatians, Lion King, Hercules, Lady and the Tramp, Little Mermaid are all sold out. All the Pooh pins are still available. They also currently have these extras:



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